Where to stay in Setubal

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If you are thinking of where to stay in Setubal it is better for you to start searching for a place after you establish your budget. That because your whole vacation can depend on the accommodation that you choose. For example, if you stay in a low cost location, you may be surprised to see that the services are not quite good and that’s why you may regret the choice that you have made. By bad services I mean poor breakfast, misery or bad treatment from the personnel. I know, these are rare situations, but it may happen. So, you must be very careful when you book a hotel, a hostel or any other accommodation. In order to help you, I’ll try to present you the best locations where to stay in Setubal, regarding your budget.

Cheap hotels

However, if you decide not to take into consideration the above-mentioned situations, I recommend you some good hotels in Setubal, on a low budget. A nice and cheap hotel is Arangues. It is a good choice for a short stay because it  has clean rooms and bathrooms and the personnel is very friendly and amiable. Plus, the breakfast, which is included, is good, but not very fancy. If you want to navigate on the Internet you will have to pay the WI-FI services. Another hotel, cheaper than Arangues, is Campanile Setubal. It is considered to be an average hotel and that’s why you should not have great expectations. The rooms are small, but clean, and the position is very good. Campanile is situated at highway to Lisbon, in a very quiet zone, close to beaches and downtown. The staff is very professional and they speak  well English. Also, the WI-FI and parking are free. As a tip, I recommend you not to book the smoking rooms because the air is not fresh at all.

Luxurious hotels

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Without a doubt one of the most luxurious hotels in Setubal is Blue&Green Troia Design. It is a perfect location if you want to be spoiled in your vacation. The view is great, on the Atlantic ocean and the Sado river and the conditions are spectacular. The hotel is modern and brand new and the design of the rooms will surely impress you. The quality of the services is remarkable, the staff being very friendly and helpful. I forgot to mention that Troia Design is a five star hotel. That says a lot. Another beautiful hotel is Novotel. This is a 4-star hotel, situated close to the Tejo estuary and Troia beaches. It is perfect for the whole family because it includes all that a great vacation needs. One can have fun in the pool, on the tennis court or on the playground. The breakfast is excellent.

Now that I have shown you where to stay in Setubal, it’s up to you to establish your budget and to decide what suits you best. For more information about the accommodation in Setubal you can access www.booking.com

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