Where to stay in Madeira

Madeira Islands represent one of the most attractive Portuguese spots for tourists all over the world. Every year, the island is blessed with the visit of more than million guests, each of them trying to discover this magical place, unique in the world. If you are trying to find the perfect accommodation in Madeirathen, I hope that the post “Where to stay in Madeira” will give you some precious tips. First of all, make sure you book your accommodation as soon as you can as the resorts tend to become really crowded during the summer period.

Five stars resorts

Cliff Bay Resort in Madeira is more than a simple accommodation spot, is an unforgettable experience. This luxurious resort is located on a small headland, offering extraordinary panoramic view over the ocean and Reid’s Palace. Imagine waking up and admiring the sunrise from your own elegant suit or relaxing in one of the subtropical gardens and parks near the hotel. What a wonder, right? Also, the hotel’s restaurant prides itself with the famous distinction of a Michelin star, the only one in the Madeira Islands. The price for one night in this fabulous resort can reach up to EUR 170 per night (for two persons), depending on the type of room you choose. This is only one of the numerous options of a five stars accommodation in Madeira, you should also check out the rates and availability in Reid’s Palace, Pestana Casino Park, Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort &Spa or Torre Praia Hotel.

Cheap hotels

Those who do not have that much money at their disposal for finding an accommodation in Madeira will be pleased to find out that this paradise oasis has many hostels and cheap hotels, where the price of a room can start at EUR 30 per night (without breakfast) and go up even at EUR 100-120 per night depending on the stars of the hotel, the location and the check in period. You can easily find a great offer and receive the basic facilities in one of these two or three stars hotels: Sirius Hotel, Hotel Do Carmo, Dom Pedro Garajau and Hotel Monte Carlo. Regardless of the prices of rooms or the accommodation you choose, what characterize the entire tourism sector inMadeira are irreproachable services and polite and welcoming staff. So, try not to focus so much on the number of starts a hotels has but mostly on the services you are looking for.

Unfortunately, the large number of possibilities of accommodation does not allow us to present an extensive list of the best hotels, resorts and hostels on Madeira Islands but hopefully “Where to stay in Madeira” was able to give you some orientation tips on the prices and the most appreciated places to spend your holiday.

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