Where to stay in Batalha

If you decide to visit Batalha, this small town of Portugal, situated in the Leiria District, you will probably wonder where to settle down during your visit here. So, I’m going to help you with that. I will show you Where to stay in Batalha.

Hotel Do Maestre Afonso Domingues

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This hotel is named after the architect Afonso Domingues, the one who began the construction of the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitoria, the main objective in Batalha, in 1386. First of all, this is a great choice because it is a four stars hotel, which says a lot for a small town like Batalha. The hotel do Maestre Afonso Domingues is situated in the historical center of the town, offering a great view to the Monastery. It offers all the facilities you need: air conditioner, modern rooms, TVcable, restaurant, bar, 24-Hour Front Desk, free parking, a fireplace in the lounge and the possibility of renting bikes. Every room in the hotel is painted in bright colors and it is designed with dark wooden furniture. Some of them also have a balcony. Besides all that, the staff is very nice, they really make you feel like home, and the food is extraordinary. Let’s not forget the reasonable prices.

Hotel Villa Batalha

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The hotel Villa Batalha is located next to the Monastery, just 3 minutes away. It is a great place to stay especially because of its services and its great staff. One can say that he receives all he needs for a small amount of money. A particularity of the hotel is that it doesn’t offer rooms with tubs, just a movable bathtub. Some people appreciate this initiative, but others don’t. All in all, the hotel Villa Batalha is nice, modern, clean and it offers a fantastic view of the Monastery.

Hotel Casa Do Outeiro

Like the rest of the hotels in Batalha, Casa Do Outeiro is located in the center of the town. It is well known for the friendliness of the staff, the rooms with private balconies and wooden furniture and for its outdoor pool. Moreover, the hotel has a game room with a children’s playground and a fitness room. The guests can also enjoy a buffet breakfast during their entire holiday. You should know that this hotel is a little bit more expensive than the average.

Now that I showed you Where to stay in Batalha, all you have to do is come and visit all its beauties.

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