Where to eat in Setubal

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Where to eat in Setubal? This is the question that everybody asks at the arrival in a new place. If this is a hard question, because there are some interesting places in Setubal, it is not very difficult to answer at the question “What to eat”. That because Setubal is well known for its fishing activities and its fish market. Therefore, you may realize that the fish dishes are delicious and that they must be the main choice for you. Being a gourmet, I’ll try to present you the best restaurants in Setubal. You will decide if I was right.

Tasca das Mares

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The restaurant Tasca das Mares is situated near the docks and it is owned by Mr. Tino. This location is great for lunch or dinner because here you will find a variety of grilled fish. The specialty of the house  are the fried shrimps with chips and as dessert I recommend you the pancakes, with ice-cream or sugar and cinnamon. It is said that these pancakes are aphrodisiacs. The prices are affordable and the service is very good. Also, you should know that the groups have discounts.


This is a restaurant that you should not miss if you are in Setubal. Here, the food is great and the service is excellent. If you don’t know Portuguese, the personnel or even the owner will help you to choose the food and the wine that suit you best. The dishes in Champanheria are different from almost all the other food in Setubal. You may be surprised to see that  here you may love a type of food that you hate in general. The restaurant Champanheria is definitely a must!

Poco das Fontainhas

The restaurant Poco das Fontainhas is appreciated for the quality of the food, especially the fish, and the excellent services. If you want to eat here it is better for you to make a reservation in advance. This way you will be sure that you will have a table.

If you are not such a great fan of fish, in the city there are some restaurants where you can serve pizza, pastas or Indian food. So don’t worry, you have a lot of possibilities where to eat in Setubal. If you want to find out more about this subject you may access www.tripadvisor.com.

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