Where to eat in Coimbra

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Food plays an important role in the life of Portuguese people and that’s why they pay a great attention to what they eat and to the way they prepare the dishes. The locals from Coimbra make no exception and that’s why you should know that eating is not a problem in this town. There are a variety of places where to eat in Coimbra, depending on your budget, your taste or you spirit of adventure. Therefore, you may go eating at restaurants, buffets, cantinas or cafes and you can serve both local and international food. Or you can try both of them, as you wish. In order to make your decision easier, I’ll present you some of the most interesting locations where you can eat, drink and spend your time in Coimbra:

If you are looking for traditional Portuguese food

One of the best restaurants in Coimbra where you can eat traditional Portuguese food is A Taberna. The owner of the place is also the cooker, so you can realize that it is for the best of its interest to make a great job. From the specialties of the house I can recommend the morcela (pudding) or chorizo as appetizer, Chanfana (one of the most famous dishes of the region), Posta Tras os Montes, Arroz de Lombos de Tamborilas or Secretos de Porco preto as main dish. The staff of the restaurant waits you with homemade potato chips. This is only a suggestion, something to introduce you in the local cuisine, but for more information you should come at A Taberna. Trust me, you’ll not be disappointed by the food or by the atmosphere. As an alternative, you can go at Ze Manel dos Ossos. This restaurant is well known for the low prices and for the great atmosphere. It is an unconventional place indeed, but unfortunately it is not easy to find. However, if you come in Coimbra you should not miss this place.

For those who want to try international dishes

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If you are not a big fan of the Portuguese cuisine or you simply do not want to try something new, in Coimbra there are some places where you can serve international food, such as Italian, Indian, Brazilian or oriental. I strongly recommend you Italia or Toscana, for the Italian cuisine, Ze Carioca, for the Brazilian eatery and Wok, for the oriental dishes.

If you are a vegetarian

If you are a vegetarian or you simply don’t like meat, I suggest you to go to Molho de Brocolos or Salao Brasil. Here you will find organic vegan food or vegetarian meals, at a very good price.

Now that I have shown you where to eat in Coimbra, I expect you to come here and to share your experience and your thoughts.

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