What to do and see in Coimbra

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Despite of the fact that Coimbra is one of the biggest cities in Portugal, it is also a very beautiful location. Certainly one has what to do and see in Coimbra. We talked in the previous posts about the University of Coimbra, the pride of the city, the museums and the churches, but there is much more to visit here. Therefore, I’ll present you other interesting objectives that should not be missed during your staying in the city:

The Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra

The Botanical Garden or Jardim Botanico de Coimbra is, as you can see, a part of the University. It was founded in the18-th century and it was integrated in the Natural History Museum, built by the Marquis of Pombal. Its purpose was to complement the study of natural history and medicine. More exactly, the botanical garden is situated in the center of the city and it stretches over 13 ha. You can choose to come to the Garden if you need some time to relax, because it is a place of tranquility or because it is a romantic place where you can stroll or just sit on the benches. But if you like the flowers and the plants, you should go seeing the over one million different plants species, from all the world. Jardim Botanico is laid out in terraces and besides the visual beauty of the plants, one can feel that he lives in a natural real world, where he can see interesting statues, fountains, a laboratory, a chapel from the 18th century and a library.

Portugal dos Pequenitos Parque

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Portugal dos Pequenitos is a theme park situated on the other part of the old Santa Clara abbey. It represents a miniature village created in 1940 by the architect Cassiano Branco and it reproduces the most important buildings of the country or the traditional homes or monuments from the former Portuguese colonies. This is a good place both for adults and children. An important information that you should know is that Portugal dos Pequenitos is always closed on 25th of December and in January, if you wanted to come in Coimbra in this period of year. The tickets cost between 4 EUR and 9 EUR, depending on your age. You can arrive at this park by buses 6, 14, 14T, 20 or 31.

I hope that What to do and see in Coimbra got your interest and that you will be taking into account the tips that I gave you. However, if you want to find out more about Coimbra you should access www.turismodecoimbra.pt

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