Watersports on the Silver Coast

Stand up paddle surfing, ©Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ/Flickr

The Silver Coast is the paradise of water sports lovers. Along the coastline that goes on for miles and miles you can jump in the stunning waters of lagoons. The most popular sports activity in this region is surfing however it is not the only one. Due to the region’s climate and weather conditions you can basically practice almost any kind of water sport here. You can go underwater and explore the deep sea or stay above and ride the tide with a jet-ski or kayak. If you long for a more graceful way to spend your holiday you have the opportunity to go sailing.


In Óbidos lagoon people will find a sheltered and safe location for sailing. For experienced sailors we recommend Escola de Vela da Lagoa, where you can rent boats and equipment. If you are a beginner there are all kinds of water sport courses for you.

Sailing Otter in Silver Lake Harbor, ©pwcrockett/Flickr

Diving experience

For a more peaceful experience we suggest you to visit the underwater world. In Berlengas archipelago which is only a boat ride away from Peniche, you will find perfect diving spots. Visit the hidden caves and beaches in the area and explore the vibrant underwater life. You can attend diving schools in Haliotis Diving Center or Acua Sub Oeste. They organize regular excursions to the Berlengas.

Diving, ©Vlad & Marina Butsky/Flickr


Yet another way to ride the waves kayaking is a great way to discover the Silver Coast. We recommend you challenge the Atlantic tides only if you are an experienced paddler.

Kayaking, ©qnr/Flickr

Stand Up Paddling

Stand up paddling is a more extreme water sport which is getting more and more popular around the world. Along the Silver Coast you have the opportunity to practice SUP (stand up paddling). The best SUP spots in Europe are all located in this area. This water sport is not hard to learn. Anyone will find themselves moving on it within less than 15 minutes. The best advantage of this sport is that calm waters or rough tides are both ideal for practicing it. Book your SUP courses and tours at Explore Silver Coast.

Stand up paddle surfing, ©Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ/Flickr

Jet skiing

Another water sport with a dash of adrenaline jet skiing is one of the most popular water sports on the lagoon. Riding one of these babies you can either stay in the sheltered waters or go to the mouth and set out towards the ocean. Fight the waves and experience the thrill.

Jet-skiing, ©donjd2/Flickr


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