Visitor tips for Setubal

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Whether you believe it or not, Setubal is quite attractive for an industrial city. It is the fourth city in Portugal and the third largest port in the country. Therefore, if you intent to come to this city I will offer you some visitor tips for Setubal. In my opinion, it is very important knowing some information about a location before coming to visit it. That will make your journey easier and more spectacular. I think that you agree with me when I say that it is possible to loose a lot of interesting places just because you haven’t read a review of the city before. That’s why let’s see what Setubal may offer us:

How to get to Setubal

If you want to have a cheap flight to Setubal you should know that it would be better for you to take your tickets in advance. You have to search a flight to Lisbon, situated at almost 42 kilometers far from Setubal an then you will take a train or you can rent a car. If you choose the first option, then it is important to find out that the trains that arrive to Setubal from Lisbon are named Intercidade trains. They are known as “IC”. There are three daily departures of these trains. The IC trains leave from Lisbon’s station Oriente at 10:20, 13:20 and 17:20. Generally, the journey takes 53 minutes. It can last more if there are some delays, but they are not frequent. A ticket at the second class costs 9.00 euros for one person, but if you prefer the first class, a ticket costs 10.50 euros.

Special activities in Setubal

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Even if at its origins Setubal is a fishing village, it is visited each year by thousand of people. That because it is one of the most beautiful destinations in Portugal. One of the things that make it so special is the colony of dolphins living in the Sado estuary. I’m sure that most of you haven’t seen dolphins before. That’s a shame because they are friendly and cute. It is a real pleasure to see them in the wild. You should know that each dolphin has a name and that the colony of Setubal includes 3 baby dolphins, 5 teenagers and 17 adults. If I convinced you to give a chance to the family of dolphins then let me inform you that there are several boat tours to watch them each day. Also, by boat you can go to other beautiful locations too, on the same day. It is a unique offer and you should take advantage of it.

After I presented you all these beauties you can realize that you must see things near Setubal. They should not be missed. For further information you can access

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