Visitor guide to Estremoz

Estremoz, Alentejo, Portugal, ©PhillipC/Flickr

When visiting Portugal we recommend you to go and see its prehistoric city called Estremoz. If you decide to visit Estremoz, you shall see the many evidence of Visigoth, Roman and Muslim influence that played a great part in forming the city’s culture.

The city of Estremoz lies on a 513.82² km area and has only 7.682 dwellers, nevertheless the municipality is records a populace of 15.673.


During the 12th century, Estremoz was conquered by an army led by a knight, called Gerald the Fearless (Geraldo Sem Pavor). However the city has not been occupied for a long time, for the Moors have taken back the region. Later, in the 13th century Estremoz was again taken over by the Portugal king named King Sancho II.

Estremoz, ©PhillipC/Flickr

“Marble towns”

Estremoz is very famous and known for its marble therefore it is often mentioned as one of Alentejo’s “marble towns”. Its main attraction is a castle founded during the year of 1258, which recently has been converted into one of the finest luxurious, traditional and historic hotels, also known as pousadas, of Portugal. During the first half of the 14th century the castle was inhabited by King Dinis and the king’s wife, Queen Saint Isabel.

medieval doll’s house, ©AleBonvini/Flickr

The room in which the queen died can be visited by anyone, not only by those who stay in the hotel. Locals converted the room into a chapel which has specially designed tiles and paintings on the wall. The paintings and tiles depict images and moments from the life of the beloved queen and the story of the ‘Miracle of the roses’.

Marvelous view

The city of Estremoz has an amazing view. There is a 13th century keep in the city, at which’s entrance you are able to see unlimited plains. On the other side of the keep the Municipal Museum is to be found, which has a wide collection of local poetry and religious artwork. In the main square, which is also an untilled marketplace you can see the marble façade of churches, cafes and the Rural Museum. It is the best place to buy souvenirs mostly produced by locals. The marketplace is one of the largest in Portugal, where on Saturdays people sell homemade clay pottery and cheese.

Estremoz, Alentejo, Portugal, ©PhillipC/Flickr

Visiting Estremoz

If you are looking for a one day trip to Estremoz you can take a bus from Evora which runs daily around the area. On the other hand if you want to spend a longer period of time and enjoy the sights of Estremoz, we encourage you collect a memorable experience and spend a fancy night in the pousada. While you visit Estremoz you may also want to see Arraiolos which lies southwest from the city. This wonderful town overlook ruins of castles which date back to Celtic times. In Arraiolos you can view the Indian and Persian influence inspired carpets from the Moorish occupation.

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