Visiting Obidos wine region

If  you decide to visit the small town of Obidos, whether in your honeymoon, in vacation or just to participate at the festivals that are organized here each year, you don’t have to leave it without tasting the local wine. Being situated in an agricultural and wine-growing region, Obidos will definitely bring joy to wine amateurs. Visiting Obidos wine region will make you see that 17 wines are produced here.

Presentation of Obidos wine region

The Obidos wine region begins in Bombarral , it goes through all the countryside, including the medieval town of Obidos, and it ends in Alvorninha. If you want to visit the vineyard of Obidos, you must book your arrival in advance. So, the first stop on the Obidos wine route is Bombarral. Here there are two important vineyards: Quinta des Cerejeiras and Quinta do Sanguinhal, where both wine and spirits or liqueurs are produced. After Bombarral, you’ll go towards Adega Cooperativa do Cadaval, known for its vineyards and then you will arrive in Sobral de Parelhao. Here you must visit Quinta dos Loridos, which is one of the most important producers of sparkling wine. The Obidos wine route will continue with the regions of Carvalhal and Obidos. As I said before, in Obidos wine region 17 types of wines are produced. They can be white and red wines or liqueurs. Here are some of them that are worth being mentioned: Frutobidos Ginjinha Obidos Kirsch Liqueur, Quinta de Sao Francisco Blanco Obidos Portugal Vital White, Quinta de Sao Francisco Blanco Sanguinhal Cerejeiras Obidos Lisboa Portugal or Spumante Scorpion Rsrv Bruto Obidos. Each of them will make you remember Obidos when you return home.

Information about cultivating vineyards in the region of Obidos

Cultivating vineyards in the region of Obidos is not as easy as you might think. The producers have to pay attention to characteristics such as climate, humidity or the quality of the soil. Taking into consideration the fact that Obidos wines are not recognized as premium, the investors must work even harder to assure clients of the quality of the product. But the best way to convince yourself of how we produce wine in Portugal is choosing one of the numerous wine tours organized for tourists. More information you can find on or Such tours can offer you complete touristic services or only day trips to the most important vineyards in Obidos.

I hope Visiting Obidos wine regions increased your interest in one of our most important national values, which is wine , and next wine you’ll drink a glass of Portuguese wine you will tell your friends all about its history and origin.

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