Visiting Coimbra on a low budget

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For most of those who want to go on vacation in Portugal money is the biggest problem. Sometimes we give up to our trip because we think that the lacks of finances will prevent us from enjoying it. But if you really want to go abroad I recommend you to do all you can to make it happen, because you will regret eventually. If you look hardly on the internet you will see that there are some alternatives to the expensive vacations. For example, you can choose to fly with a low cost company, you can accommodate in hostels or 3 stars hotels or you can eat in places less luxurious. That depends on you. In this post I will show you how to save your money during your staying in Coimbra. You will see that visiting Coimbra on a low budget is not so hard to accomplish.

Cheap transportation

As I have said above, if you want to save some money for your trip you should start doing that with the flight tickets. It’s very important to be well informed about the best flights for you. You should know that the Bissaya Barreto Aerodrome from Coimbra is connected with the A1 motorway, Portugal’s main highway. But, in my opinion Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport (Porto) and Portela Airport (Lisbon) Coimbra are more convenient for you. That because the airport of Coimbra is quite small. From Porto and Lisbon you can arrive in Coimbra by car. It’s not so far and it is not so expensive. There are a lot of car rental services both in Coimbra and in the other cities in Portugal. You will make about one hour from Porto and two hours from Lisbon.

Cheap accommodation

In Coimbra there are a lot of cheap hostels, most of them being located in the center of the city. I recommend Pousada de Juventude, which means the Place of the Juveniles, Residencial Domus or Grande Hostel de Coimbra. They are great locations, with a good position, near transportations and main attractions.

Cheapest places where you can eat

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Regarding that Coimbra has one of the most famous Universities in the whole world, in this city there are a lot of bars and restaurants for the students. You can realize that they have low prices, which anyone can afford. Most of these locations are situated around the Old Cathedral.

As you can see, visiting Coimbra on a low budget is quite simple. So, you have no excuses if you don’t come here even once in your life.

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