Transportation in Batalha

After you found out all you needed about the beauties of Batalha, about its accommodations or restaurants, now it’s time to know something about transportation in Batalha. This information is important in every trip that we take because we have to plan carefully our time. Personally, I prefer strolling when I visit a new place because I do not want to miss anything, but if you prefer cars I’ll help you with that. Therefore, I’ll present you the main transport facilities in and towards Batalha:

How do you get to Batalha?

First, you should know that the town of Batalha is situated in Leiria District, next to Fatima or Alcobaca, and it is located 118 km N of Lisbon. If you decided to stay in Lisbon during your trip in Portugal but you want to see other places too, like Batalha, you can take the train, the express buses or you can rent a car. Taking the train is a little bit more expensive, but it worth it. A ticket cost between 7.30 and 8.50 EUR one-way. Therefore, trains run to Valado dos Frades and from here you can take the bus to arrive in Batalha. There are six express buses that will take you from Lisbon to Batalha. The journey takes two hours and it costs 7.80 EUR one-way. The bus stop in Batalha is located on Largo 14 de Agosto de 1385. If these two options do not suit for you, you can choose to travel by car. This is a good opportunity to visit also the surroundings of Batalha. For example, it takes about 20 minutes to go by car from Batalha to Alcobaca.

Transport facilities in Batalha

Being a small town, the transportation in Batalha is very simple. You walk, you take the car or you can rent a bike. What suites you best! Like the others town, you can choose also the taxi services. For example, one of the companies offers private services, at a very good price. A special discount is made for larger groups. For them the taxi company offers vehicles like van, minibus or bus.

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Hopefully, Transportation in Batalha helped you on your trip planning and you will be prepared for you arrival in this town. It is not very important the way you get to Batalha, all that it matters is that you have a great time here.

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