Traditional Portuguese dishes at Silver Coast

Sardinhas Grelhadas, ©Ze Carlos Barretta/Flickr

The Silver Coast is directly in touch with the Atlantic Ocean hence to no one’s surprise seafood ranks among the top dishes of Silver Coast cuisine. However this does not mean that Portuguese dishes only consist of various kinds of fish, clams and seaweed. Silver Coast cuisine has its own traditional meals and fine specialties. In the region of the Silver Coast the center of fishing industry is the city of Peniche. Fresh fish is loaded off in large quantities here every day which can be bought within hours at the shops and restaurants. So pull your socks up and do not be afraid to try all the deliciously prepared Portuguese dishes.

Portuguese delicacies

Towards the northern part of the Silver Coast lays the magnificent Óbidos lagoon where you can taste Portuguese delicacies, the diverse flavors of the sea.

Obidos lagoon, ©Dunleavy Family/Flickr

Be brave and try the tastily prepared sea bass, cattle-fish, the sloppy eel or the crunchy cockles and crabs. If you really longing to eat some crispy shellfish we recommend you visit Porto de Barcas, which is locate near Lourinhã. Nothing can be more relaxing than sitting in a restaurant on the seashore with the Atlantic Ocean in the background, eating fresh shellfish and sipping a glass of divine Portuguese wine.

Dishes from the countryside

As it was mentioned before the Silver Coast offers not only seafood from the coasts but also dishes prepared in the countryside from rabbit meat, beef and pork.

For those who are not very enthusiastic about fish and shellfish we recommend the amazing Portuguese pork casserole, grilled beef with garlic and stewed rabbit meat with rice. We also suggest you taste the delicious bean pies of Torres Vedras, the Portuguese roast chicken and a dish called favada à Portuguesa, which prepared from cuts of pork and butter beans.

Favada à Portuguesa, ©Halana Caline/Flickr

Fish, crab and wine in Portuguese style

Fish stew also known as caldeirada de peixe is one of the most popular dishes of the Silver Coast which can be found on the menu of almost every restaurant in the region. Many tourists sought to try this delicacy for its ingredients are always fresh and tasty. The sweating lobster in Portuguese called the suada lagosta is also an important specialty. The lobster is gently cooked in a sealed pan together with wine and some tomatoes. Restaurants on the Silver Coast will serve you fish and clams in every way you can imagine. We also recommend you taste some other typical dishes such as grilled sardines, tuna steaks, salt cod, thick prawn soup and scrambled eggs with onions, potatoes and salted cod.

Sardinhas Grelhadas, ©Ze Carlos Barretta/Flickr

If you like stuffed food, you should try stuffed crab and stuffed squid in Lisbon-style, which are also perfect examples on the list of traditional Portuguese dishes.




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