Top Sintra attractions (part II)

In this second part of Top Sintra attractions we will continue our journey through this magical land and discover more of its historical spots and impressive monuments that place this small town on the map of tourism.

Toy Museum

Regardless of one’s age, everybody likes toys and enjoys being a kid for a few moments. Therefore, make sure you put Toy Museum on your tourist map as you will for sure be amazed of what you will see there. More than 40000 pieces of toys, original Ferrari miniatures, ancient toys from Egypt, Barbie dolls and porcelain collection dolls, trains, circuses, Portuguese toys and the private collection of João Arbués Moreira can be discovered in this wonder land. Toy Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00 the price of a ticket being 4EUR.

 Queluz National Palace

Queluz National Palace represents one of the most important rococo monuments in Europe. Former official residence of Prince Resident John VI, the Palace, usually called the Portuguese Versailles is now used for the visits of the heads of state that come to Portugal. The royal lavish quarters are furnished with rare pieces of furnish while the ceilings display historical and allegorical scenes.  And if you were wondering how the royal ballrooms and parties looked like then, you have to visit one of the most exquisite rooms in the palace- Throne Room. Concerts and recitals used to be performed in another impressive room- the Music Room. One of the pieces in this neoclassical room that attracts the eyes of the tourists is the Empire grand piano with gilt appliqués. A complete tour of the Palace includes seeing The Sala das Mangas, The Hall of the Ambassadors, The Chapel and even the Private Rooms of the former royal highnesses.


Quinta da Regaleira

Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Quinta Regailera represents an impressive estate near Sintra that includes a Palace, a Garden, a Crypt, and even a lake. Founded in the 20th century, the Palace was designed by Carvalho Monteiro and was built on five floors reflecting a unique combination of Manueline, Renaissance and Gothic style. Those who are passionate about cryptology and mysticism will be pleased to find out that Quinta da Regaleira is said to hide symbols of Masonries and the Knights Templers. So make time and search for them!

Top Sintra attractions tried to bring forward some of the symbols of this medieval city that reflect at the same time the history and evolution of an entire Portuguese nation. Of course, the list can always be completed with other interesting spots, so do no waste any time and plan your next trip to Sintra!

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