Top Sintra attractions (part I)

As I mentioned in my previous post, if you have the possibility of visiting Lisbon, you must go to Sindra as there are many interesting and important monuments here that are not only representative for Portugal but also for the entire history and culture of the south western Europe. Castle of the Moors and Pena National Palace (already presented in the latest post) are definitely the icons of this city, its entire evolution being strongly connected to these two edifices but there are still other top Sintra attractions that are a must for the new comers to this beautiful part of Portugal.

Sintra National Palace (Town Palace)

Representing an UNESCO World Heritage landmark, Sintra National Palace is the best preserved medieval Royal Palace in Portugal. The foundation of the Palace dates back to the 10th century (during the occupation of the Moors) but crucial transformations were applied to the palace during the period of King John I (in the 15th century). The most impressive rooms in the Palace, mostly respecting Manueline and Gothic style, are the Swan Room, Pegas’ Room, the Arab room, or the Siren’s Room (said to be the most elegant in the entire Palace) the name being reflected in the motifs painted on the walls. The price for the entrance is EUR 11 during the summer period and EUR 8 during the winter time.

Cabo da Roca

A trip to the place where the “lands ends and the sea begins” (by the Portuguese poet Camões) can only be fabulous and magical. We are talking of course about Cabo da Roca, the most western part of Portugal and the most western point of Europe. Located 18 km from Sintra and 42 from Lisbon, this place represents a major attraction point for the romantic and bohemian tourists. On top of this 140 meters cliff that stands above the Atlantic Ocean you will find a tourist shop that can even give you a diploma attesting you were in Cabo da Roca. Do not forget to ask for it as it is the perfect souvenir to bring back home!

Monserrate Palace

You cannot go to Lisbon or Sintra and miss the opportunity to express your affection for the loved ones in one of the most romantic place in Portugal – Monserrate Palace. Imagine an impressive 19th century mansion surrounded by a beautiful garden populated with exotic trees and plants, a perfect getaway for the hot summer days that is located at only 4 km away from Sintra center. You can visit Monserrate Palace all year with the exception of the most important holidays in Portugal, the price of a ticket being EUR 4.50 for adults.

These are only a few of Top Sintra attractions but the city is full of magnificent locations that deserve our attention and that will be described in a future post. So, get ready to discover them!

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