Top Marvao attractions

After finding out some general  information about Marvao, one of the most well preserved fortresses in the world, it is time to discover exactly what we can visit in this little town. Top Marvao attractions highlights the main points visited by tourists from all over the world. But this post is only meant to stir your interest and determine you to explore as much of Marvao as you can.

13th century Castle

The 13th century Castle represents without any doubt the main attraction of Marvao.  The castle suffered two important architectural changes in the 15th and 17th century expanding its domain, becoming one of the most well preserved castle in the region. This is the reason why Marvao is now on UNESCO World heritage site. Another great reason for visiting the Castle is the absolutely amazing view over the entire town. This place is ideal for taking photos, the best souvenirs you can bring back home.

Medieval churches

As you will soon discover (or have already discovered) in many Portuguese towns and cities, Marvao is also an important religious center in Portugal. Therefore, you will have the possibility of admiring churches dating from the 14th century till the 17th century. On the top of our list we have Igreja de Santa Maria (Santa Maria Chuch) and Convento de Nossa Senhora da Estrela, true and valorous religious icons for this region. The first references about Igreja de Santa Maria dates back to the 14th century while another historical chronicle mentions the restoration of the church in the 16th century. The style of the church is Gothic while the main construction material used is of course granite. The church  was transformed into the Municipal Museum a few years ago preserving religious objects from the Medieval times. Outside the city we discover another important cultural and religious heritage of Marvao: Convento de Nossa Senhora da Estrela. The monastery was built in 1488 by order of Pope Nicolas the 5th. The altar in the monastery and the statue of the Virgin Mary are without any doubt the most appreciated sacred elements in Convento de Nossa Senhora da Estrela. Regardless of the castles or monastery you choose to explore in detail, one thing will impress you for sure: The medieval atmosphere that surrounds everything in Marvao, from the small houses, to the churches, restaurants and local bars. It seems that time did not pass that quickly in these parts of Portugal.

I hope Top Marvao attractions managed to create a detailed image about what this small town has in store for its tourists. make sure you stay with us as we will bring you more information about Marvao.

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