Top Madeira beaches

I do not know about you, but for me the basic ingredients for a perfect holiday are unique beaches, stunning landscape and, of course, azure waters. Or not? Of course an idyllic environment is attractive for those who want to take a break from the crowded and noisy cities but you should keep in mind that many beaches in Portugal are unique, even strange at a first glance and thus, should be explored to the fullest. So, if you haven’t made any plans yet, I invite you to explore the Top Madeira beaches, unique places for unique experiences!

Porto Santo Beach

Those who come back from Porto Santo Beach will surely agree with the song “Heaven is a place on Earth”. Spread for more than 9 kilometers in the Porto Santo Island, this amazing spot is located north east of Madeira Islands and is divided into several beaches: Praia do Penedo, Praia do Cabeco, Praia da Calheta, Praia da Fontinha, Praia das Pradas Pretas, each with its own particularities. For exemple, Praia do Peneda is one of the most appreciated beaches both for the quality of the sands but also for the services that can be discovered near the beach: restaurant, first aid center, car park.  Unlike other Madeira beaches that have black volcanic sands, Porto Santo Beach prides its self with golden sand beach and warm, blue waters, the ideal spot for romantic getaways or relaxing moments. And if you thought that it cannot get better than this, imagine that the sand in Porto has numerous healing properties, being appreciated mostly in rheumatic pains. Thus, Porto Santo beach is definitly on our list of top Madeira beaches.

Praia da Ribeira Brava

Praia da Ribeira Brava, in translation wild stream, is a wonder of the world for a simple reason: the golden sand beach is replaced with a black sand due to the volcanic mountains in the area. The locals tried to create a special spot and transform the usual rocky area into a place where one actually feels the  sand under his feet. Although for some it might seem really unattractive, the grey sand is worth being checked out for the simple reason that one could rarely see something like that nearby.

Jardim do Mar

Jardin do Mar is the place to be if you are a fan of water sports, especially surfing, as the beach hosts the International Surfing Competition, attracting many people every year. It is also a great spot if you feel like leaving all your worries behind and enjoy the mountains and the beach. This garden of the sea (translation in English) is located in the southwest of Madeira coast, having only 252 inhabitants, mostly fisherman. The picturesque view, the wilderness surrounding that small village represents an attraction for many tourists every year.
These are still many interesting beaches in Madeira Islands that should be seen. It is also important to remeber that a beach is not only about the sand and the water but also about the particularity of that special spot, about the history and geological processes that created it, so make sure you will try to find out as much as you can while making your own list of Top Madeira islands!

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