Top Evora attraction sights

Located in Alentejo, 150 kilometers from Lisbon, the ciy of Evora has some of the most well preserved monuments from the medieval times and ever Roman times. This particularity made that Evora was placed among the Unesco World Heritage Sites. The rich history of the city and the increase developments during the Roman Empire put Evora on the maps of the early Europe. If you are curious to discover the Top Evora attractions sights, then make sure you remain with us during our two posts.

Cathedral of Evora

As you probably have noticed already, the religious and cultural centers of Portugal take great pride in their spiritual monuments, Cathedral of Evora being no exception to that. The Cathedral is an architectural wonder built between 1280 and 1340 in Gothic style but one can also admire elements of Manueline and Baroque style. The cathedral was declared part of the Unesco World Heritage Sites. The most photographed elements of the cathedral are the 12 apostols, displayed at the entrance gate and of course, the cloisters, also built in the 14th century, in Gothic style. You can visit this impressive Cathedral  and the cloisters for a fee of EUR 2.50.

Saint Francis Chuch

Remaining in the field of spiritual edifices, we present another important religious symbol of Evora, Saint Francis Church. The church impresses by its vast dimentions, it is 36 meters long and 24 meters high. It was built after the Cathedral of Evora, between 1475 and 1550 and displays Gothic, Manueline and Renaissance elements. The church has narthex (a lobby located opposite the entrance of the church) and arcades  as elements of particularity. The Chapel of the Bones is the main attraction of the church, where the interior walls are decorated in human bones and skulls (approximatly 5000). Death motives are actually displayed all over the Chapel. The message displayed at the entrance of the chapel „Nós ossos que aqui estamos pelos vossos esperamos (“We, the bones that are here, await yours” might seem fearful and grim to many of us, but it is actually meant to express the passing of human lives on Earth. The message survived the passing of time and still remains a theme of reflection for many of us. You can visit Saint Francis Church every, while during the holidays special events are organiyed here, such as concerts. Thus, Saint Francis Church should definitly be on your list if you are visiting Evora.

This is only the first part of Top attraction sights of Evora, the second post will present other important monuments that are of Portuguese and European cultural interest.

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