Top attractions in Tomar II

It’s time to keep my promise: more information about this lovely little town in Portugal. Let’s not waste any minute and discover together more top attractions in Tomar. If my previous post was concentrated on the rich history of the place, this one will present other aspects worthy to be visited, just as interesting and breathtaking.

The Square of the Republic (‘Praça da República’)

This is the most important square of the city where people like to gather because it’s the main departure point for other tourist attractions such as the Gothic Church of São João Baptista (dating back to the 15th century) or the main pedestrian street known as ‘Rua Serpa Pinto’ or ‘Corredor’. More importantly, from this square you have an outstanding view of the Convent of the Order of Christ. Just imagine: a lovely old square, surrounded by medieval buildings, you sipping a coffee or better yet glass of wine and admiring the majestic panorama of the castle. Pretty good, isn’t it? And for a true bird’s eye view of the place, there is also a special train for tourists departing from the square which will take you on a tour of the 17th century buildings framing the square.

The Matchbox Museum

I bet you don’t know that this is the largest museum of the kind in Europe. Got your attention? Well, you should know that it locally known as ‘Museu dos Fosforos’ and the building it was set up in was originally a convent. You can see there more than 43,000 matchboxes gathered from more than 100 countries and visiting it is free. Moreover, in its courtyard there are some pottery workshops where local people create the souvenir from Tomar you want to bring home. It may quickly solve your problem with gifts for the dear ones at home.

The Forest of the Seven Hills (‘Mata dos Sete Montes’)

I say it’s high time we took a stroll in the park, wouldn’t you agree? The best place to do so is the main park of the town which is named as such because it’s surrounded by seven hills. On top of one of the main avenues of Tomar and linking the city to the castle, the Forest of Seven Hills, with its 39 hectares, is the joy of nature in the urban center.

I really hope that I managed to outline the best parts about this city and with these two posts about the top attractions in Tomar I have convinced you that it is really a place worth visiting.

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