Top attractions in Setubal

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If you are about to take a trip to the city of Setubal and you are not quite sure what to see first, I am going to help you by presenting Top attractions in Setubal. By this post you will be able to find out more about the objectives that should not be missed during your visit in the city. Firstly, it is better for you to know that the most interesting attractions in Setubal can be divided in two: man-made and natural. By man-made I refer to churches, museums or shops, and by natural I mean parks or beaches. I recommend you to visit all of them, and that’s why I am going to present them separately. I’ll commence my post with the natural objectives, not because they are more important, but because they are more spectacular.

Arrabida Natural Park

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Arrabida Natural Park is situated between Setubal and Sesimbra and it is a protected area. Actually, it is one of the 30 areas protected in Portugal. The park covers 108 square kilometers and it contains pines and a various Mediterranean vegetation, even rare species. Here there are plants that one doesn’t have the possibility to see every day. Strolling through the park you will see olives, strawberry or pistachio. Also, these plants attract interesting species of birds and insects. The highest point in the natural park is the Serra da Arrabida, having a height of 499 meters. Besides the flora and fauna, Arrabida Park has two beautiful beaches, Portinho da Arrabida and Figueirinha, which are very appreciated in Lisbon and in Setubal. Knowing all that it’s impossible not to wish to come in Setubal and visit this natural park.

The Sado estuary

Another natural attraction protected in Portugal is the estuary of the river Sado. It was declared a natural reservation due to its capacity (23,97 ha) and the over 300 species of vertebrate that were encountered here. The estuary is a perfect place for watching the birds, the fishes or the dolphins. Here there is an important colony of dolphins, which can be seen while crossing the river by boat. In your boat trip you can admire also the unique landscape. Trust me, the camera will not be enough to immortalize this moment.

The first part of Top attractions in Setubal was only a resume of the beauties that you will discover in this city. If you want to find out more about the subject you can access

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