Top attractions in Obidos

Every city in this world has its own particularities, which makes it special and unique. Even if Obidos is a small town, having 3100 inhabitants, it distinguishes itself from other locations by its medieval atmosphere. Its streets, squares, walls and of course its castle are a magnificent tourist destination. All of you must know the Top attractions in Obidos, so that you come visit it.

The Castle

The Castle of Obidos is considered to be one of the seven wonders of Portugal. It  was built in 12th century and it was a medieval fortification. For centuries, the castle was inhabited by several queens. After being damaged during an earthquake in 1755, the castle was restored and nowadays it houses a luxury hotel, based on a Manueline architectural style. It is situated on a hill and the height offers beautiful views of the vineyards, windmills and terracotta roofs of the houses.

Rua Direita –Main Street

 Being the main street of Obidos, Rua Direita attracts the most visitors, due to its shops. Here we’ll find all kind of souvenirs, wines, liqueurs and gifts. It is also the quickest way to reach the castle. Strolling down the street we’ll see white houses decorated with luxurious blooms of bougainvilleas and honeysuckle.

Saint Mary’s Church

Saint Mary’s Church is located in Saint Mary’s Square, the main square of Obidos. The main entrance of the church contains an image of Our Lady of Assumption and the Gospel side of the altar, built on a baroque style, holds the image of Our Lady of the Rosary. The interior is divided in three naves and the painted wooden ceiling dated back to 1676. Also, the walls are covered with blue and white tiles dated from around 1680-1690. Here we can admire the high choir or the oak wood chairs.

Obidos Lagoon

The lagoon of Obidos is the largest sea-water lagoon in Portugal. It offers a lot of activities for those who want to have fun. For example, one can swim, sunbathe or hire windsurfing equipment. Here can also be practiced some water sports, like water-skiing, because in certain parts of the lagoon, the depth reaches five meters. Around the perimeter of the lagoon there are beach side restaurants and nearby it is the Praia Do Bom Successo” – a white sanded beach, where we can swim and take a bath.

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These are only four locations in Obidos you can visit, there are a  lot more, but I let you discover them. Trust me, you’ll not regret it if you decided to come in this medieval town.


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