Top 5 Porto sights

Known mostly for the fortified Porto wine and for the fascinating and exciting night life, the second largest city in Portugal has many impressive sights, some dating from hundred of centuries ago: cathedrals, palaces, museums, towers create an unforgettable atmosphere that takes us back centuries ago to the glorious period of the Discovery Age. If you only have a few days at your disposal, then I guess any advice can help, so here we have Top 5 Porto sights, the best and most known monuments of Porto.

Porto Cathedral (Se do Porto)

Located in the historical part of the city, Se do Porto or Porto Cathedral represents one of the most impressive symbols of Portugal. Built in the 12th century, resembling more a medieval fortress, Se do Porto has various Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque motifs displayed (the rose window represents the only part of the original facade) on the two square towers that flank the monument. Before leaving the cathedral, do not forget to visit the treasury or to admire the splendid view from the top of the edifice.

Clerigos Tower

If time is not on your side although you would like to visit the entire city, then make sure you go to Clerigos Tower, a symbol of  Oporto, from where you can admire most the city’s attractions. This magnificent monument that seems to guard the entire city from 76 meters high was built in the 18th century and is part of Clerigos Church.

Cais da Ribeira

Cais da Ribeira or the “Soul of Porto” as many locals call it, represents the medieval part of the city and the most touristic area in Porto. Small cobbled streets, leading to Praça da Ribeira, ancient houses and plenty of terraces, located near the quayside, create a special atmosphere for everyone that wants to have a drink in this picturesque spot. If you are still not convinced, then let me tell you that UNESCO recognized its value and declared it a World Heritage Site.

Sao Francisco Church

One of the most opulent edifices in the entire Europe, a symbol of the Church’s power and wealth in the 14th century, Sao Francisco Church should definitely be on your visiting list. Combining in a unique way elements of Baroque and Gothic style, the monument displays wonderful motifs of wood carvings, marble and gold. The church is also house to a museum located in the catacombs that presents many rare and valuable objects.

Dom Luis Bridge

Connecting Portoto Villa Nova de Gaia over Douroriver, Dom Luis Bridge is 172 meters long and it used to hold the world record for the longest bridge at the time of its construction, in 1881. The concept of this iron bridge belongs to Eiffel’s partner, Téophile Seyrig. The glittering lights placed alongside the bridge can be seen from far away in the city, representing a major attraction for tourists and their cameras.

Portois an incredible spot with an amazing history that can still be discovered at every corner of the street and especially in the city’s touristic attraction. You just have to prepare for the trip as Top 5 Porto sights await for you.

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