Top 5 Lisbon sights

Lisbonis a charming European city, a mixture of traditional and modern sights that has many surprises in store for its visitors. Even though this may not be the first time you come to Lisbon, there are a couple of monuments, symbols of the Portuguese history and culture that should not be missed. Top 5 Lisbon sights will reveal some of the most important and significant monuments both for the Portuguese nation but also for the European civilization. Let’s get started!

Santa Engracia Church

Santa Engracia Church or the National Pantheon is one of the most imposing spiritual places in Lisbon where the tombs of Portuguese celebrities, such as presidents, writers and singers of Portugal are placed. Built in the 17th century on the foundation of a previous church, and finished in the 20th century, Santa Engracia Church can be seen from distance due to its high, white dome. Visitors have the possibility of going up the church’s terrace using an elevator and admiring a marvelous view of the city.

Lisbon’s Cathedral (Se Cathedral)

Curious to see how the first churchof Lisbonlooks like, what were the main religious motifs displayed and what kind of architecture style was used? Then, you should make a stop at the oldest cathedral in Lisbon after going to Santa Engracia Church as they are both located in the ancient Portuguese neighborhood, Alfama. Se Cathedral was built during the period of the first Portuguese king, Afonso Henriques, between 1147 and the first period of the 13th century in honor of the crusader Gilbert of Hasting, that was to become bishop ofLisbon.

Belem Tower

One of the seven wonders of Portugal, a symbol of Lisbonand an incredible monument built in the Manueline style that was previously mentioned in our descriptions of Portugal, Belem Tower was built in the 16th century in defense purposes. This UNESCO monument is one of the most loved edifices by the Portuguese as it represents an icon ofPortugal’s evolution from the Golden Age of Discoveries to its present times (of modernization). Whether you decide to visit it in the morning or after the sunset,BelemTower leaves you with an incredible and indescribable feeling of peace and relaxation that will, for sure, motivate you to see it every time you have the chance.

Ajuda Palace

Residence of the Royal Portuguese family in the middle of the 19th century and one of the most romantic buildings in Europe, Ajuda Palace is an extravagant building and a symbol of wealth and power. Part of the palace was transformed into a museum hosting exquisite objects, a collection of valorous clocks, Chinese porcelain, marble statues and tapestry, furniture from the period of Louis the XVth and XVIth, while the other part is still used for official ceremonies. So make sure you allocate enough time to visit this marvelous neoclassical building.

St. George’s Cattle

Dating from the 6th century, when the present territory was occupied by the Romans, then by Arabs, St. George’s Castle was dedicated to the spiritual patron ofEngland as a symbol of the pact betweenPortugal andEngland, pact that led to the defeat of the Moors and occupation of the land by the Portuguese. Although much of the castle was destroyed over the years, the monument can still be observed from everywhere inLisbon.


Top 5 Lisbon sights tried to present you the most visited and admired locations in the entirePortugal, symbols of a glorious history and a mighty people. There are still many fascinating places inLisbon that deserve your attention and should be discovered. So, start packing and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

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