Top 3 Lisbon restaurants

Lisbonis not only famous for its impressive architectural monuments and historical location but also for its delicious food and amazing restaurants. One of the most touristic capitals in Europe, Lisbonis well prepared to receive its guests with a large variety of restaurants: traditional, international, Chinese, Japonese, Thai, vegetarian, fast-food etc. I bet you would like to experience a little bit of everything, unfortunately time and finances are not always on your side, so maybe you could use some suggestions on the best Top 3 Lisbon restaurants.

Espalha Brasas

The most important things that characterize Espalha Brasas are tasty Portuguese food and a perfect view. Located in Docas area, the restaurants invites its guests to admire the beauty ofLisbon:  the marina, the River Tagus and 25th April Bridge being extremely visible from Espalha Brasas. The specialties of Espalha Brasas are Sopa do Mar no Pão (a bread loaf, filled with seafood and fish soup) and grilled meat but you can also serve other Portuguese delicious dishes. If you are wondering how much this culinary pleasure will cost you, then let me tell you that the price reflects entirely in the quality of the food, therefore for EUR 25 you can serve a wonderful three course menu.


If you are looking for a culinary bargain but you do not want to make any compromise regarding the quality of the food, then Nilo is the perfect place. Located right in the center of Lisbon, this traditional restaurant, founded in 1972 offers a large variety of Portuguese dishes, from code fish, shrimps, Algarve’s fried pork and of course, the famous Portuguese wine (Douro, Setubal, Minho). Last but not least, let’s not forget the desert: delicious ice-creams, different types of homemade cakes, pancakes. For all the above reasons and even more, Nilo is mentioned on my Top 3 Lisbon restaurants.

A Travessa

If you want to experience the culinary wonders of international cuisine (Belgian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese), then you should definitely stop by at A Travessa Restaurant. The price for engaging on this journey of flavors is EUR 40, representing the cost for three main dishes. A must try is the roasted pork dish and the fresh baked bread but the fish and the seafood are also really great. The class of a restaurant is not only reflected in the dishes it offers but also in the wine list and, without any doubt, A Travessa serves only the most appreciated wines inEurope. If you want to avoid any disappointments or unfortunate situations, make sure you book a table in advance, since A Travessa is always packed with people.

Whether it is Espalha Brasas, Nilo or A Travessa, Lisbonhas many great restaurants to check out and incredible food to taste. You can find a detailed list of the best restaurants in Lisbonon

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