Top 3 clubs in Setubal

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Whenever we go abroad we focus on visiting the attractions of the place and on shopping. But these activities make us very tired, am I right? That’s why, having fun and relaxing are very important during a journey. If you decide to come in Setubal you will see that the nightlife is at least as beautiful as the things that you do and see on daytime. There are locations for everybody. You will find family friendly bars, elegant cafes, music bars or all-night clubs, with different music, for all tastes. Most of the clubs and bars in Setubal are situated near the western terminus of Avenida Luisa Todi. Before presenting you Top 3 clubs in Setubal you should know that clubs generally open after 11pm. All that being said, let’s begin:


Absurdo is one of the first bars in Setubal and it is a perfect choice for you due to its friendly atmosphere and its music. The atmosphere is quite pleasant even on Saturday nights, when it is fullest. The music is commercial, so it will not annoy you. The bar is open from 22.00 to 04.00 and it has a capacity of one hundred people. If you decide to spend your night here, you will not be disappointed, you will see. Even if the music is not really what you’re looking for or what you’re listening generally,  you will have a great time just by seeing all the rest dancing or singing. Better, you may stay at your table and talk with others because the music is not so loud.


Clubbing ©

Without a doubt, Clubissimo is the right place for a family and for a group. That because a lot of different types of music are played here. You can listen commercial, dance, disco, house, latino or pop rock music. It is impossible not to like at least on of this genders. The club is opened from 21 h to 6 h.

Love Club Bar

As you can see from its name, Love Club Bar is perfect for lovers and for all those who want to express their love as better as they can. Firstly, this club will impress you by its glamorous look and then by the music that is played here. I talk about chill-out, deep house, dance music or live DJ’s. Also,  if you like to sing you may come here when is organised a karaoke night. If you don’t want to listen to the music, you may go to the games room or you can have a meal in the restaurant. But, certainly you will not be bored in Love Club Bar.

In my opinion this is Top 3 clubs in Setubal. If you have another opinion, you may share it with me.

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