Top 3 cafés and bars in Evora

You have just arrived in Evora and you do not know very well what to expect from the city or how you should begin your trip in this wonderful city. First of all, leave your baggage at the hotel and start walking along the narrow and cobbled streets of one of the most romantic city in Portugal. Make sure you pass by Giraldo Square, the center of Evora, where you can find the best restaurants, shops and bars. If you are curious to discover where you can enjoy a glass o wine or simple serve your morning coffee then Top 3 cafes and bars in Evora might come handy to you.

O Cruz

O Cruz is one of the most popular restaurant- café in the center of Evora. During the spring and summer periods you will see the terrace is full of students and tourists. Maybe you did not know this but, Evora is not only one of the oldest cities in Portugal but it prides itself with one of the most appreciated universities in Portugal, thousands of students attending classes here. Wednesday night is especially students’ night so make sure you book in advance for getting a free table in restaurants, bars, or cafes. Thus, you can expect a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere, people always being willing to party and have fun.

Fundacao Eugenio de Almeida

If you prefer a more peaceful place, where one can relax and enjoy a cup of tea (the prices are more than accessible) then Fundacao Eugebio de Almeida is the place to be. This is more than a café-bar; it is the ideal place where art lovers gather and admire regular Portuguese exhibitions. Art, tea and delicious cookies, well this could be a perfect theme for spending an afternoon-in Evora.  Since we are in the middle of the winter holidays, this café-bar has many surprises in store for its guests: special tea aromas, Christmas cookies and thematic exhibitions. Make sure you pass by it!

Jardim da Cerveja

Jardim da Cerveja or the Garden of Beer is the perfect bar to chill with your friends especially during week-ends when the atmosphere is intense, full of people. The prices are quite good, the service is really prompt and everyone is very friendly. So, there are high chances you will make new friends there. The place is opened till morning, plenty of time to experience many types of beers.

I hope Top 3 cafés and bars in Evora raised your interest and gave you some attractive ideas on the friendliest places to hang out and relax during a trip to this Portuguese region. More suggestions you can find on .

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