Top 3 attractions outside the city center of Braga

by Joseolgon

I remember the first time I came to Braga….It was during the summer holiday. I was in the eighth grade and our history teacher thought it might be a good idea to start visiting the places we learn about in the history lessons so that we could experience our glorious past in a lively manner. Therefore, we arrived in Braga. After visiting the main attraction places in the center of the city, we found out that there are some great spots outside Braga center that might be interesting to us. After so many ears I still remember the excitement we felt, when we visited Bom Jesus de Monte Sanctuary, the Chamor Hill or the Monastery of Tibaes. Therefore, Top 3 attractions outside the city center of Braga will bring you some of my personal dearest spots in Braga.

1.     Bom Jesus de Monte Sanctuary

Bom Jesus de Monte Sanctuary or the Shrine of Good Jesus of the Mountain represents a catholic pilgrimage site located a few miles from Braga. This Sacred Way was built in 1722 under the order of the archbishop of Braga as a symbol of religious devotion and sacrifice for a spiritual cause (you have to climb up, normally on your knees, the stairways for 162 meters till you reach the heart of this place, the Church of Bom Jesus). Observed from an artistic point of view, Bom Jesus de Monte sanctuary impresses with its Baroque style (reflected also in the style of the surrounding fountain) and terra cota sculptures.

2.     Chamor Hill

by Jose Goncalvea

Located in the São Mamede de Este, close to Braga, Chamor Hill became known to tourists due to the 20 meters high monument dedicated to theSacred Heart that is placed on top of the hill. Displaying a statue of Christ crucified this monument represents another significant symbol of Portugal.

3.     Monastery of Tibaes

We can easily find the Monastery of Tibaes in Mire de Tibaes parish, outside of Braga city. Founded in 1060, this architectural masterpiece was actually the mother house of Benedictine order in Portugal and Brazil in the 16th century. But the true beauty of the monastery lies in its interior decorations; we can observe the Baroque and Rocco style reflected in the altarpiece, wood works. Unfortunately, part of the monastery is still under recovery due to a fire that took place in the 19th century.

“Top 3 attractions outside the city center of Braga” described three places absolutely unique due to their history, their architectural style and most of all due to the atmosphere surrounding them. It would be a pity if you went to Braga and you did not get the chance to visit them also.

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