Top 3 attractions in the historical center of Braga

Important religious and historical center of Portugal, Braga impresses the tourists with the large number of monuments that bring back a glorious past, one completely marked by religion and devotion to divinity. This small city displays more than 30 churches, several cathedrals and religious edifices to the public. Top 3 historical attractions in the historical center of Braga will present a personal view on the most attractive and visited sites, symbolic spots for the city itself.

1.     Braga Cathedral

The main attraction point of the city, the place where one just watches bewildered an architectural beauty which survived the passing of time is Braga Catedral or Se de Braga. This masterpiece dates back to the 12 century (it was built under the order of Count Henri de Bourgogne and Dona Teresa), being one of the oldest of its kind in the entire country. The mixture of styles (Gothic, Manueline, Romanesque) is reflected in the entire structure of the cathedral, both in its interior and exterior facades. One particular place inside Braga Cathedral is the Chapel of Saint Peter of Rates which marvels tourists with beautiful painted tiles that date back to the 18th century, belonging to António de Oliveira Bernardes.

2.     Santa Barbara Gardens

Dating from the 17th century, Santa Barbara Gardens is located inside the western wing of the Archbishop’s Palace of Braga. The name of the garden comes from the statue in the middle of the court. This is the perfect place to relax after a day full of sightseeing and to admire the diversity of flowers which transform this stone fortress into a shining and warm spot. Make sure you have time to visit both the Palace and Santa Barbara Gardens.

3.     Raio Palace

Built in the 1754, Raio Palace or the Mexican House is one of the most extraordinary examples of Baroque- Rocco style in Braga and occupies a special place in Top 3 attractions in the historical center of Braga. The name of the palace comes from Miguel José Raio, viscount of São Lázaro, owner of this beautiful residence in the middle of 19th century. What is so unique about Raio Palace? Definitely, the impressive facades of the palace covered in a blue tile and of course the mixture of iron and grained granite (taking the form of angel statues) in the top balconies. At the present time, the house is used by the Administrative Services of the Town Council.

Braga Cathedral, Santa Barbara Gardens or Raio Palace are only three of the architectural wonders that can be discovered every step of the way in the city of Braga. You should also stop and admire the Town Hall, Capela dos Coimbras or Misericordia Church in Braga.

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