Top 3 Albufeira restaurants

Regardless of one’s destination, the perfect place to eat and spend some quality time during lunch or dinner is so hard to find. You only have a couple of days to explore the city and a few moments to search the greatest spots for enjoying the local cuisine. Though I am not that fond of organizing classifications, I must say that Top 3 Albufeira restaurants might come in handy when you have absolutely no clue on where you should go and what you should order. This top will only represent a series of personal choices of restaurants (apart from those already mentioned in the post Albufeira nightlife) where I was fortunate to discover various and delicious dishes, great places and an unique atmosphere.

O Lusitano

This family restaurant welcomes every client in a friendly and warm atmosphere. I discovered O Lusitano the first time I came to Albufeira with my friends and since then we never miss the chance to stop by and see what good old Petro still prepares for its guests. The stake and fish are absolutely fantastic and the wines are always the surprise of the night. You definitely have to try “Espardarte” (swordfish) or the grilled sardinhas. The price for a complete meal for two persons cannot cost more than EUR 40, therefore make sure you taste a little bit of everything.

Dom Carlos

Dom Carlos is probably the most popular restaurant in Albufeira as you will not find a single person in town who hasn’t experienced the goodies prepared with great care by the chef. The place will impress you not only with its tasty food but also with its high class service. Each client is treated like royalty in Dom Carlos restaurant, he will be explained the menu, the way the food is cooked and most of all he will receive precious advice for the wine to choose. If you want to experience a memorable night in Albufeira then go to Dom Carlos but remember to make a reservation first, as the restaurant is usually packed with people.

Martinique Restaurant

Martinique welcomes its guests with a large variety of Portuguese and international cuisine served in the most relaxing atmosphere. This high class restaurant is also the perfect place if you want to celebrate a special event. Chefs’ steak in curry sauce with apple chutney or the seafood rice was absolutely amazing and I strongly recommend that you try them. In the end, prepare for a sensational desert (cake of the house) enjoyed with a glass of Sangria.

This was my Top 3 Albufeira restaurants, the places I enjoyed the most and where I shall return every time I have the chance. I encourage you to explore the Portuguese cuisine and the restaurants in Albufeira and to make your own classification of the best restaurants and bistros.

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