Things to see in Batalha

Many people claim that one has not a lot of things to see in Batalha and that one day is enough to visit it. However, I believe that if you are paying attention at the things you see, you’ll be fascinated by their beauty or by their historical importance. The main objective in town remains the Monastery. Therefore, I’ll present you some information that you should know about its content and about what you should see here:

The Founder’s Chapel


A special attraction of the Batalha’s Monastery is The Founder’s Chapel.  It was the first Portuguese pantheon and it consists of three bays and a central octagon.  Under the star vault of this octagon you can see the tomb of King Joao I and the one of his wife’s, Queen Philippa of Lancaster. Their statues are lying with clasped hands, a fact which symbolizes the good relation between Portugal and England and of course their love. Their heads are resting on a pillow, under two very beautiful decorated baldachins. In the same chapel there are also the tombs of their four sons. You should not dedicate less attention to these tombs, because they help you understand better the importance of the history in this family.

Unfinished Chapels

The Unfinished Chapels are considered to be one of the most important sightseeing in Batalha. It is the proof that the Monastery was never finished. We talk about seven radiating hexagonal chapels, reunited under an octagonal rotunda, that will certainly take your eyes off. Here, the architects combined several styles, like Gothic, Manueline or Renaissance. The access in the Unfinished Chapels is possible only from the outside, by a door which measures almost 15 meters high.

The Royal Cloisters


The Royal Cloisters were the first pieces of the Abbey that were built in the Gothic style, in the 1380’s, but later, elements of the Manueline style were added. This type of architecture can be seen in the symbols of the walls, such as plants or flowers, which show the beauty of the Portuguese art.

The Chapter House

In The Chapter House you will be able to see the tomb of two unknown soldiers that fought in the First World War. Close to it was built a museum dedicated to this important historical event. This part of the Monastery is remarquable also by the stained-glass Renaissance window. In fact, most of the people who come to visit the Monastery of Batalha are impressed by the games of light made by the stained glasses.

In Batalha you can visit much more that the Abbey, but if you choose to come here only for this objective I hope that Things to see in Batalha helped you make an opinion about it and about its beauty.

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