The weirdest things in Lisbon

Lisbon is not only one of the most beautiful and cultural capitals in Europe, it is also home to some of the oddest things in the entire world. Well, I am sure this may sound a little bit strange especially if it is your first time in Lisbon, but no worries, the weirdest things in Lisbon only reflect the humoristic and creative character of the Portuguese people, that tried to bring a little bit of color to their common reality.

The Garden of Limp Dicks

Well, the garden of limp dicks is probably one of the strangest things you have ever heard of. The name might seem to some a bit vulgar but the place has absolutely nothing to do with outrageous or illegal activities. I discovered this spot completely by chance as I was walking down Alfama and I noticed the name of a small street “Jardim das Pichas Murchas (The Garden of Limp Dicks). The place is actually the meeting point for old men, a place where they exchange points of view on current issues or play some cards. One day a child called it “The Garden of Limp Dicks” and so it remained till now.

Taking pictures… only with the camera

Honestly, I am not that good at law issues. I think some legislative proposals are quite ridiculous and without any clear purpose. But let me tell you, I haven’t heard anything more hilarious than being prohibited to take pictures with the use of tripods. This is what a recent law inLisbon refers to. Therefore, if you want to photograph the wonders of this European capital, I advise you to use only your hands as you risk receiving a fine. In exceptional situation, you may take pictures with a tripod but only if you obtained a permit from the Lisbon authorities. Strange, isn’t it?

Cow statues

In 2006, Lisbonhosted one of the most colorful and creative event of the year, the Cow Parade. The event displayed a herd of more than 100 fiberglass cows in natural size over which artists painted and created their artistic design. Some of the cows can still be admired on the streets of Lisbon, even if the parade took place years ago. Therefore, make sure you do not miss the chance of taking pictures together with these strange Lisbon attractions.

Every European capital has its own strange statues, habits, laws and even places. Try to understand them in a humorous way and do not judge them too hard. They are only created to increase one’s living standard and to bring a bit of happiness to the locals and tourists. I hope that the “Weirdest things in Lisbon increased your level of interest onPortugal and you will come and see them for yourself as soon as possible.

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