The visitor’s guide to Portugal’s Silver Coast

Silver Coast at Nazare, ©Lplatebigcheese/Flickr

The Silver Coast of Portugal known as the Costa de Prata stretches from the city of Lisbon to the Fiqueira da Foz. It is an astounding natural beauty where the sun shines in a silver line on the Atlantic Ocean. Its name comes from the effect of the sun that shines on the water which turns its color to silver. The beaches here seem to stretch out to the infinite and the picturesque villages, leisure activities and the beautiful scenery stays the same throughout the whole year. The incredibly blue sky, the green countryside and the mild weather makes it even more charming. The coast has hidden treasures that only the locals know about but if you dare to go off the trodden paths you bight be lucky enough to find them.

Away from the crowd

As time passes the Silver Coast attracts more and more tourists. Since prices are not very high and it is still relatively undiscovered, it is worth visiting if you are on a low budget but you still want to experience beauty and enjoy a holiday on the seaside in the sun. Being such a new place, not many people know about it, thus if you are looking for a place to spend a few days away from the crowd, visit the Silver Coast of Portugal.

Afternoon at Nazare, Silver Coast, ©Lplatebigcheese/Flickr

Food and wine

If you like seafood you will definitely love the food here. Wine tasting in Portugal is almost a tradition so if you like the grape juice, visit Portugal and try its rarest, best and expensive labeled wines.

The lively Silver Coast

Silver Coast at Nazare, ©Lplatebigcheese/Flickr

If you like spending your time outdoors, the Silver Coast too has many activities to offer. You can stroll on the sandy beaches or get your adrenaline practicing some surfing or other water sports. Go for a walk and explore the picturesque villages, the peaceful valleys and vineyards, orchards, forests and the green countryside. You can attend tours, trips and excursions around the area or you can rent a car and drive yourself around the region. As for nightlife the region is full of theatres, bars and restaurants where you will always have a good time.

Fatima’s Secret

Fatima, Portugal, ©Francisco Antunes/Flickr

Do you like secrets and myths? The Silver Coast has plenty of the kind. Its most famous and popular legend is about a lady in white, who about a 100 years ago appeared to a few shepherds in a blinding light. The lady’s name was Fatima, who shared secrets and prophecies with the Catholic Church. It is claimed to be a wonder but also causes controversy. Presently the legend of Fatima attracts millions of tourists and visitors who want to know all about the Miracle of the Sun.

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