The town of Fatima – miracles, apparitions and secrets

Chapel of Apparitions at Fatima, Beyond Forgetting/Flickr

Chapel of Apparitions at Fatima,  ©Beyond Forgetting/Flickr

In the lovely country of Portugal there used to be a quiet and peaceful village called Fatima. The residents of this nice town lived their lives happily by working on their piece of land and spending most of their time with farming. About a century ago on a beautiful spring day three children were tending their sheep when in an unexpected moment they were surprised by an apparition which today is known all over the world and is called Our Lady of Fatima.

The children ran home to tell their parents about this vision and that had changed the life of this quite town forever. Today Fatima is a place of pilgrimage where millions of people visit every year. The so called miracle has caused intrigue as much as controversy and the complete truth about the apparition still remains a secret.

Secrets of Fatima

It is said that Our Lady of Fatima is the Virgin Mary, who visited the children five more times in the following months after the first apparition. She delivered a set of messages and prophecies which came true and proved to be accurate. Among these messages were three outstanding ones which are called the secrets of Fatima.

Station of the Cross, Fatima, Beyond Forgetting/Flickr

Station of the Cross, Fatima, ©Beyond Forgetting/Flickr

The first secret talked about a revelation of Hell and the second one predicted the end of World War I and foresees the upcoming World War II. One of the secrets has been kept away by the Vatican and revealed was only recently, in 2000, for it was considered to be explosive if known by the public. Even today it is questionable whether the Vatican has revealed it completely or just a part of it.

Modern town of Fatima

On the site where it is said that Our Lady of Fatima has first appeared the people of the town built the Chapel of Apparitions around which an extensive complex of sights and religious buildings is constructed.

Chapel of Apparitions at Fatima, Beyond Forgetting/Flickr

Chapel of Apparitions at Fatima, ©Beyond Forgetting/Flickr

The centerpiece of the shrine and the most important site of the town is the chapel itself which is visited by many pilgrims. Due to these establishments the tourist industry has grown tremendously. You will find several hotels and restaurants for all budgets and tastes. You can also enter in the many gift shops and buy a souvenir for yourself and your family.

Religious importance

In Catholic faith Fatima has become a very important site. The first apparitions appeared between May and November and thus these are the most agglomerated months when millions go to visit the town of Fatima.

Main access to Fatima, Rafel Miro/Flickr

Main access to Fatima, ©Rafel Miro/Flickr

Some people walk miles to reach the destination and some of them go crawling on the last part to get to the central sanctuary.

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