The seven natural wonders of Portugal (Part II)


The seven natural wonders of Portugal is a concept, meant to create awareness in the entire world on the most amazing places created by nature in Portugal. Sure, you may think that natural spots like these can be discovered all over the Globe, but I bet that what you will find in Portugal, will bring you back to our country over and over again.

Lagoa das Sete Cidades ( The lake of the seven cities)

Emerald waters surrounded by a diversity of vegetation, the two lakes (the Green Lake and the Blue Lake) separated by a bridge, forming Lagoa das Sete Cidades (The lake of the Seven cities) is located in the crater of an ancient volcano, in Azores Islands. One of the most romantic natural places in Portugal, the Lake of the Seven Cities is wrapped in a magic spell. According to a Portuguese legend, a princess in the Western Sea fell in love with a common boy, a young shepherd, but their love was not permitted by the girl’s father. The sadness caused by the king’s decision brought tears to their eyes that formed the two lakes: one green, like the eyes of the princess and the other one blue, like the eyes of the young boy.

Rio Formosa

Visiting Rio Formosa by boat is by far the best experience you will have while traveling to Portugal. Not only will you see most of Rio Formosa estuary with its variety of natural in habitants, quite rare throughout the world, but you will have a lot of fun on the boat. Curious already? More details are available on Small sand islands, dunes, lagoons and canals populated by a large diversity of species, from caiman, the sultan chicken (representing the symbol of this estuary), purple swamp-hen (up to 30 thousand birds), reptiles, mammals, this 170 square kilometers of natural beauty is one of Portugal’s greatest national prides.

Portinho de Arrábida

Famous for its splendid beaches (Alpertuche, Galápos)  and for the heavenly landscape painted in blue, green and gold, Portinho de Arrábida is one of Portugal’s most popular resorts and one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal. If sun bathing and swimming in these beautiful azure waters is not convincing enough then maybe, practicing water sports like scuba diving and jet skiing will do the trick.

Volcanic Landscape of the Pico Island

Second largest island of the Azoresarchipelago, PicoIsland offers tourists a fascinating landscape made of dormant volcanoes, craters, lava and cones transformed into lakes that surround the highest mountain peak inPortugal: Ponta da Pico. Due to its geographical characteristics,PicoIsland is the ideal place for hiking, climbing, path walking and, of course, for swimming and enjoying the occasional sand beaches that may appear.


The arguments for visitingPortugaland especially its natural wonders, that offer everyone a perfect, calm and relaxing holiday, can go on for pages. The easiest way to be convinced is to book a flight to Portugal and to visit all the seven natural wonders of Portugal.

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