The most important Portuguese inventions

The power to innovate, to create something new is definitely the most significant asset of our human specie. Nothing in the world is more precious than cultivating the sparkling minds of people with an idea that will develop into something absolutely astonishing. Without any doubt, Portuguese people is placed on a high rank among the most creative people and taking into consideration the strategy to increase the Portuguese innovation domain by 40%, I reckon it is about time I present you the most important Portuguese inventions.

Manual language for deaf people

One of the most important discoveries made to the benefit of those who have hearing problems is the manual language for deaf people. In the eighteenth century, Jacob Perreira, a half Portuguese, half French inventor managed to create signs replacing the punctuation and numbers and also added 30 hand shaped signs to Juan Pablo Bonet’s alphabet. It seems that Perreira is also the first man who taught a non-verbal person to speak. For his great accomplishments, the Royal Society of London was proud to accept him as a member.

 Cuisine inventions

As we have discovered in our previous articles, one of the greatest pleasures of coming to Portugal is experiencing the wonderful Portuguese cuisine, so rich in sea food and fish specialties. One of the most appreciated fish dishes in the entire world and also an icon for the Portuguese cuisine is bacalhau or dried salt code fish. I am sure you are asking yourself what could be so great about a code fish. Well, then, you definitely have not tasted yet some of the Portuguese wonders. Dating from the period of the Discovery Ages, bacalhau can be cooked in more than 365 ways by the Portuguese. Also, those who enjoy marmalade for breakfast will be pleased but surprised at the same time, to find out that this morning pleasure is originated fromPortugal. It derives from the Portuguese fruit “marmelo” and it was first established in 1521.

Maritime inventions

This magnificent people, former Empire and pioneer in the Golden Age of Discoveries left its mark on the history of most important maritime inventions. Built in the fifteenth century, this light sailing ship, named caravel helped the Portuguese in their journey to the African continent. It was used for more than 300 years and now it is exhibited in the Maritime Museum in Lisbon.


These are only a few of the most representative and surprising inventions of the Portuguese people. Their desire to create something new and useful for the humankind is a never stopping river of inspiration. But it is worth mentioning that the innovation process can be observed everywhere in the Portuguese society from the way we live our lives to the way we promote and receive our guests. So, be prepared to discover the Portuguese inventions every step of the way!

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