The most amazing gardens and parks in Portugal (I)

I decided writing a post on the most amazing gardens in Portugal after discovering in the libraries a best seller: The gardens of Portugal by Helena Attlee is more than just a detailed book on gardens. The book impresses the readers with its complete feature of twenty of the most beautiful gardens in Portugal but also with useful information on addresses, phone numbers and websites of these attractions. Thus, my job is much easier due to this wonderful guide, which I strongly recommend to those interested in the history of gardens.  Though many of the gardens and parks presented in the book are worth a visit I will just focus on two of them.

Parque Eduardo VII

Parque Eduardo VII represents a symbol of Lisbon, this being the largest park in the capital of Portugal (26 hectares). You can easily find Eduardo VII Park, in the north of Liberty Avenue, his original name being Liberty Park. The main reason for its popularity is the greenhouse where many tropical plants are displayed offering tourists and locals the opportunity of becoming more familiar with these spectacular species of plants. Also, there are many exhibitions, bookseller fairs and concerts organized here. And if you are curious to find out where its name comes from, then, let me tell you that in 1903,  Portugal was visited by Eduard the VII of England, as a sign of the strong relation between Portugal andEngland.

Parque Florestal de Monsato

We remain in Lisbon, the capital of Lisbon, trying to discover some of the most beautiful gardens and parks in Portugaland even Europe. Parque Florestal de Monsato has its reputation for being the largest urban forest (900 hectares) and also one of the biggest urban parks in Europe. This is also one of the best options for spending a recreational time together with your family and friends. Far away from the city, from the noise and from all your problems, just you and this perfect place, a true escape for you and your dear ones. You should try having a picnic here; it will for sure be a great experience for you. If you do not fancy this idea there are many other things to do, renting a bicycle and discovering hidden paths or taking your children to the playground areas, where they can practice different sports and games.

We conclude here the first part of The most amazing gardens and parks in Portugal with the promise of a second part even more interesting and meaningful for your traveling expectations. Thus, make sure you return to our blog!

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