The flavors of Portuguese cuisine


Whether you are visiting Portugal for a few days or for a longer period, for business or for holidays, one cannot leave this spectacular country without tasting a bit of its culinary wonders, without experiencing the flavors of Portuguese cuisine. Former empire, symbol of the Golden age of Discoveries, Portugal represents a mixture of divine flavors, colors, spices and tastes, all brought from the very countries that used to be Portuguese colonies hundreds of years ago.

Let’s spice things up a little bit!


The influence of the former colonial possessions can be easily observed in the diversity of spices used for preparing the Portuguese food. When Vasco da Gama set sail for India in 1498, one of the most important treasures he returned with was the variety of new spices, changing forever the culinary history of this country. Piri piri (chili peppers), black pepper, garlic, paprika, oregano, curry or cinnamon, vanilla, saffron are only a few of the spices, now indispensable to the Portuguese cuisine.

Most popular dishes in Portugal


What are the things you remember after returning from a holiday? The places you visited, the atmosphere created by the locals and definitely the food. Didn’t you notice how happy one is after having a delicious meal? Well, if you did not taste Portuguese food by now, you still have time, as “The flavors of the Portuguese cuisine” reveals the gastronomic specialties of this marvelous country. Though different from region to region, fresh fish and shellfish are the main dishes of the Portuguese gastronomy. So, do not hesitate to order “bacalhau” (code fish) when entering a Portuguese restaurant as the locals have created up to 365 ways of cooking it or the tasty “caldeira”  (stew made of different types of fish, with potatoes, onion and tomato). Craving for seafood? Then you have to visit Estremadura region, where one of the largest seafood markets in the country is located or try Rua das Portas de Santo Antão downtown in Lisbon where you will discover the best seafood restaurants. “Arroz de marisco” (Marisco rice) is another national delicacy mixing lobsters, shrimps, oysters and crabs. Never start a meal without the famous “caldo verde”  soup (green soup made of potato, cabbage and sausage, originated from the north side ofMinho province).




I saved the best for last. I do not know about you, but I am crazy about sweets and I bet that after you will taste our delicacies, you will feel the same. And do not worry, you have more than 200 types of pastries and sweets to choose from. Cinnamon flavored rice pudding, sugar based cakes or the rich egg paste pastries ( “ovos moles”), “pão de ló” (light sponge cake), “palha abrantes” (rich egg-yolk) are among the most popular Portuguese sweets,  that will make your mouth water. Yummy…!


Still not convinced? Well, come and taste them for yourself in the perfect atmosphere of our exquisite restaurants in Portugal, a complete list of the most famous eating establishments being available on Bom apetite! (Enjoy )!

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