The best child friend activities in Silver Coast

Splashing in the water, ©mikebaird/Flickr

Sometimes it’s hard to keep our children occupied and happy and when you are on holiday you must choose the perfect location where you and your children as well can have fun and enjoy the time you spend there. Resorts in Silver Coast offer entertainment not only for adults. There are plenty activities for children as well so you don’t have to worry about them getting bored on your vacation. There are activities for the indoors and outdoors which means that no matter what the weather is outside you can always have fun. Your kids will definitely enjoy visit to the lagoons the water parks and other activities.


Children and I’m sure that adults too love go-kart! For a dash of adventure and adrenaline visit Dinokart at Lourinhã or hop on one of the go-karts at Kiro Karting. Fill your afternoon with a pinch of excitement by racing through some devious tracks.

Go-karting, ©Rudoni Productions/Flickr

Fun in the water

As most children like water and enjoy splashing and paddling around they will most certainly love the beaches of Óbidos lagoon which provide a safe and protected environment for the little ones to play for hours in a place that hides no dangers.

Splashing in the water, ©mikebaird/Flickr

If your children are past the toddler age they will probably enjoy a sail around the lagoon at Escola de Vela da Lagoa. The activity clubs in the area offer lessons and various activities for children as much as for adults such as canoeing, surfing, sailing and other water activities.

Child Kayaking, ©Doug Hay/Flickr

On those canicular days of summer there is nothing better than cooling off in an awesome and fun water park. In Silver Coast you will find several facilities where you and every member of the family can have a jolly time. In the northern part of Nazaré you will find Norpark, a child friendly environment that will put a smile on every adult’s and little one’s face.

Indoor activities

When the weather does not allow you to have fun outside there are still many activities for children left to do indoors. There is bowling in Caldas da Rainha, or you can go and play video games and pool table or sit in a bar or restaurant. There are plenty of entertaining centers where you can listen to live music. There are bouncy castles, soft, maze-like climbing areas and other soft play areas for younger children.

Interactive Climbing Wall, ©liquene/Flickr

While you keep an eye on your little ones you can enjoy a hot or cold beverage in a café upstairs.

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