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Sports play an important part in the life of the Portuguese and people of Coimbra make no exception. Even if they are not so appreciated as they are in Lisbon or Porto, sports in Coimbra are successful and they have a great tradition. Those who visit the city of Coimbra have many opportunities to watch or to participate in various sports or in other leisure activities. They include football, rugby, athletics, golf or horseback riding. Nevertheless, like in most of Portugal’s cities, football is the local sport and that’s why I’ll present you some information about its tradition in Coimbra and some places where you should go:

The Association Academica of Coimbra O.A.F – The Estadio Cidade

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Once arrived in Coimbra you should not leave without visiting the stadium of Academica de Coimbra, the Estadio Cidade. Academica is a football club with tradition not only in the city of Coimbra but in the whole Portugal, being one of the oldest sports institutions and the first winner of the Portuguese Cup. Actually, you should know that Academica won the Cup this year also, being a reason of pride among people of Coimbra. This team is formed mostly of students at the University of Coimbra, famous in the whole world, and it is much loved in Portugal. In order to convince you to visit the stadium of Academica I’ll present you some information about its records. Therefore, Academica’s best classification in Portugal’s league was second, in 1966/1967. In Europe, Academica reached the quarter-finals of the Winners Cup in 1969-1970 and it was twice present in the UEFA Cupe, in 1968/1969 and 1971/1972. The Estadio Cidade is the most beautiful and the biggest in Coimbra with 30.000 seats. It was rebuilt, expanded and modernized to host some matches in UEFA Euro 2004. Actually, on 24th of June, Madonna will have a concert here. So, you can see that it worth a visit.

Estadio Municipal Sergio Conceicao

The Estadio Municipal Sergio Conceicao belongs to the municipality of Coimbra and it was named after an important football player of Portugal. The stadium is the home ground for the football teams of the two sports clubs Clube de Futebol Uniao de Coimbra and Uniao Desportiva Taveirense. The estadio municipal is much smaller than the Estadio Cidade of Coimbra, having only 2.500 seats, but you should pay it a visit.

This post was only an introduction to the sports in Coimbra. There are so many other things that you will discover by coming here!

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