Special events in Coimbra

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Coimbra is a beautiful city whenever you decide to visit it. You will see that interesting activities are organized here all year long, from spring to winter. But, regarding that you are not a local, you cannot see all of them. Therefore, I am going to help you with that by presenting you special events in Coimbra. After that you will be able to choose the period of the year that suits you best for visiting this wonderful city.

Holy Queen Isabel commemorations

The Holy Queen Isabel de Aragao was the wife of king Diniz and she is considered to be the patroness of Coimbra. Maybe because she always defended the poor people and she expressed love and piety for this class. Actually, the queen remains in the mind of Portuguese for “the miracle of roses”. One day, the queens Isabel hided in the upheld folds of her robe some bread for those who needed it because her husband didn’t agree with her sympathy for the poor. When she was asked what she was carrying she answered “roses” and the bread transformed in flowers. After the death of her husband, she retired to the convent of Santa Clara, founded by her. The queen Isabel de Aragao is celebrated in Coimbra once at two years, in early July, by a week of festivities that include fireworks, speeches, concerts or religious processions. Because of her kindness and her love for peace, the image of the queen was incorporated in the city’s coat of arms.

The Art Festival in Quinta das Lagrimas

This year, from July 13th to 29th, in Coimbra takes place the 4th edition of the Art Festival, organized by Ines de Castro Foundation. This year’s theme is “Voyages” and it includes several forms of art, like music, theatre, literature, painting, photography or cinema. The Art Festival will take place in Quinta das Lagrimas.

The Magic Festival

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In September, during a whole week, the city of Coimbra hosts the Magic Festival. The entire town will have a magical atmosphere and the organizers prepared more than 50 spectacles. Trust me, you should not miss them.


MUN’Dancas is a dance and contemporary festival held from July 26th to 29th in the river beach Torres de Mondengo. This festival includes traditional dances, music and dance workshops or story-telling.

Expofacic Fair

Another interesting event in Coimbra is Expofacic Fair. It is organized during the summer, from July 25th to August 5th.  Here you can participate in great concerts.

Hopefully, Special events in Coimbra got your interest and helped you to form an opinion about this city and its beauties.

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