Silver Coast Festivals

Lisbon Christmas Horse Parade, ©MdAgDept/Flickr

No matter during which season you visit the Silver Coast you will most likely come across a local festival or two. The major ones are so popular that they draw the masses from all over the country and worldwide. Here on the Silver Coast from major towns to the smallest villages each and every one of them has their own festival where you can witness and experience local traditions. The people of Portugal really know how to have fun and pass the time in an entertaining and pleasant way. Find the carnival or festival that best suits your style and enjoy a good time with locals the Portuguese way.

Let’s party!

If you are looking for the place where the biggest parties happen visit Óbidos, a medieval town in Silver Coast where all the major festivals take place. There are three grand festivals organized in Óbidos and many other smaller ones throughout the whole year. One of the major festivals is the Medieval Market, is celebrated in July and involves horse displays, costumes and medieval shows.

International Chocolate Festival, ©acrib/Flickr

The second largest festival in Óbidos happens in November, right before Christmas when the town transforms into a magnificent winterly scene: snow machines spread the snow and people skate in the skating rink. In case you got a sweet tooth we suggest you visit the Silver coast in March, for this is the time when the International Chocolate Festival takes place.

Carnival time

Entertainment, parade and party! These are the characteristics of the Portuguese carnival season. It is a time when every city and town is dresses up in festive attire and celebrates. The largest festival nationwide is the Torres Vedras carnival and Peniche carnival. Visit the Silver coast during carnival time and enjoy a spectacular view.

Carnival time in Portugal, ©Rosino/Flickr

Wine and baked goods

There are several religious festivals and wine and food festivals all over the Silver Coast. If you would like to taste some delicious Portuguese food and fine wine visit Silver coast, namely the towns of Caldas da Rainha, Sobral, Peniche or Bombarral during festival season. The most important religious festivals take place during Christmas time and Easter. Each town has their own ways of celebration: some last a few days and some even go on for a week. During the summer the biggest festival, the Feast of St. Anthony, takes place in Lisbon. The celebration goes on for a few days in June so we suggest you rent a room in the city for a couple of nights in advance.

Saints and Horses

Lisbon Christmas Horse Parade, ©MdAgDept/Flickr

In November there is a National Horse Fair in the town of Golegã where you can take a look at Portugal’s best trained horses and their grooms dressed up in red waistcoats. You can participate in the parades and equestrian events or view the exhibitions. One of the longest Portuguese festivals also takes place in Lisbon: the Festas dos Santos Populares. The festival lasts two weeks and celebrates three saints. Enjoy the music and dance together with the crowd on the streets of Lisbon until the sun goes down.

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