Silver Coast, a world of natural wonder

Forte de São João Baptista, ©Hugo Cadavez/Flickr

Most people probably heard a lot about the superb beaches and holiday locations on the shores around the Silver Coast. It is true that its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are unique and have no equals. On the other hand there is more to this beautiful island than just the stunning shores. Travel towards the inland and discover the natural beauties of the land. The countryside landscapes are simply breathtaking and must not be missed out on. Work your way up to the top of the world in the surrounding mountains or make your way down, below in the spectacular caves. Explore the rocky roads and visit the natural reservations on the Silver Coast.

Reach the summit

Can you hear nature calling? If you do and you are looking for an outdoor adventure we recommend you head towards Montejunto and enjoy a hike or a quiet picnic there. First you need to reach the town of Pragança then follow the signs through the woods and forests which will lead you to the top. On the summit you will find the ruins of an ancient church and a monastery. Visit the royal ice factory of the Silver Coast and experience how life was before electricity has been invented and there were no refrigerators.

Picnic, ©Ed Yourdon/Flickr

Subterranean adventure

The region has amazing sight not only over the ground but also below. Visit the largest underground natural wonders in Portugal, the subterranean caves near Porto de Mós. We also recommend you visit the rock formations and stunning stalactites at Gruntas Mira de Aire. Discover the underground streams and lakes highlighted with a light show and a musical background. It can be visited every day between 9.30 am to 7.30 during the summer and ‘til 5.30 during the winter season. Another spectacular natural sight will await you in the caves of Alvados and Gruntas de Santo António.

Mira d’Aire caves, ©amaianos/Flickr

Adventure in nature

Travel further towards the inland and visit Candeeiros and the Serras Air Natural Park. Have a nice stroll in Silver Coast’s natural landscape: on the rugged roads, rocky outcrops and beautiful hills. You can cycle or just walk and enjoy the view. Reach Tio Maior, a lovely town popular for its salt pans situated a little bit outside of town. You can buy souvenirs in the shops and sit in for a delicious snack in a restaurant.

Natural Reserve

Forte de São João Baptista, ©Hugo Cadavez/Flickr

Head out to Peniche, hop on a ferry boat and aim towards the archipelago of Berlenga. Enjoy the sight of seabirds, gulls, cormorants and guillemots majestically circling in the Atlantic air. Visit the marine reserve, dive in and explore the marine life. If you would like to spend the night you can stay in Forte de São João Baptista, an impressive fort from the 17th century. You can also camp out on the main island. Bookings for the hostel and camping must be made at the Tourist Information at Peniche.

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