Short guide for tourists in Porto

If you haven’t many any plans for this week-end but you feel like engaging in a new and exciting adventure, I have the perfect option for you. Choose to experience for a few days the marvelous Portuguese atmosphere in the vibrant city of Porto. You will start by wandering through the cobbled streets of Porto and admiring the crumbling and colored building recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage, then, make a stop to admire the architecture of Sao Francisco Church and Clerigos Tower and finally,enjoy a glass of the famous Porto wine in some of the best bars and restaurants in Europe. Interested in finding out more, then, let’s get started with a short guide for tourists in Porto.

Background details

Located in the Valley of Douros River, Portoor Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal and one of the most visited areas in Portugal. Porto dates back centuries ago to the Roman Empire when its name used to be Portus Cale, an important commercial port. After being invaded by Moors (in the 8th century AC), Porto was occupied by Galls and finally became part of the Portuguese territory. Visiting Porto is quite easy as many attractions are within a walking distance, nevertheless, one should know that the most efficient and easy transport mean is metro. If you are traveling from far away then, do not worry as Porto is accessible by plane, major airplane companies operating at Francisco de Sa Carneiro Airport.

Accommodation options

Second biggest city in Portugal, Porto is a charming place that should be visited as often as possible, as one can always discover something interesting and amazing. Finding an accommodation is not a difficult task but during summer periods, the city might be packed with tourists so it is better to book in advance as a measure of precaution. From basic bed & breakfast accommodations, to hostels, guest houses and luxurious brand hotels, you can definitely find something to match your budget as well as your comfort and relaxing demands. More details are available on

What to visit

At every step of the way, Porto has a story to tell, every tower, cathedral and museum is shrouded in a medieval atmosphere that takes us back many centuries ago. However, you cannot come to Porto without visiting the 14th century Sao Francisco Church belonging to the Franciscan Order, built in a mixture of Gothic and Baroque style. The interior of the church is made of golden wood carvings and marble. The 19th century Stock Exchange Palace (Palacio da Borsa) represents a marvelous example of Neoclassical style, combined with pieces of Arabic decorations. Also, take your time to visit a bit the city and feel what Porto atmosphere means as you will never find anything like this elsewhere in the world.

I hope a Short guide for tourists in Porto represented a promising beginning for a visit to the capital of Porto wine and you are eager to find out more about our charming city, in the most enjoyable way possible: by paying it a visit.

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