Shopping in Sintra

Sintra, an important historical center, home to UNESCO World Heritage landmarks like Sintra National Palace (the best preserved medieval Royal Palace in Portugal) or Quinta da Regaleira, also has great opportunities for people who love to shop. From the usual touristic shops that you can find in every tourist city to places where you can practically find everything you desire, shopping in Sintra is a fun activity for everyone.

Ceramics and pottery shops

Maybe you are not a fan of shopping and maybe you would rather do something else while being in Sintra, but I bet you will be impressed with the folk Sintra arts and crafts. You will discover many tiny and traditional shops selling ceramics and pottery (from handmade cups, glasses, paintings), shops passed from one family generation to another and where things are still preserved like in the past times. You will also find fine examples of the most precious and famous tile in the entire Portugal- azulejos. Best places to shop in Sintra are the Praca da Republica and Sao Pedro Square, where you can find almost everything in terms of ceramics, tiles, embroideries, lace and jewelries. My advice is to stop by at Casa Branca, Sintra Bazar or Casa Alegria and you will for sure find something you will like to bring as a souvenir. The best part about these small shops in Sintra (like those in Sintra Bazar) is that most of the owners are willing to bargain for the objects they sell so you will not have to spend all your holiday money on souvenirs.

Modern shops

Sintra is a stunning combination of old and modern styles that can also be reflected in the shopping markets. Thus, Sintra is not only about vintage and small shops. It also has a few modern and impressive buildings such as Centro Comercial Floresta Center. A place where one can find outfits to match their tastes (famous brands have stores opened here) but at the same time enjoy their holyday in a pleasant and welcoming place. The mall frequently organizes cultural events and activities for children and their parents at the same time. With so much shopping to do, Centro Comercial Floresta Center is definitely the place to be if you want to enjoy a movie, play some pool or just have a cup of coffee in a relaxing spot. So, do not forget to make a stop here while visiting Sintra!

Taking all of the above into consideration, you might agree with me when I say that a visit to Sintra cannot be complete without exploring the wonderful and fascinating world of shopping in Sintra.

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