Shopping in Coimbra

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Every time we go in a new place we like to go shopping, in order to buy some souvenirs or other things to remind us about our vacation there. Coimbra makes no exception. Being the third city in Portugal you can imagine that the commercial field is very well developed. Here you will find whatever you like, but it’s better for you to know where to go before your arrival. That’s why I  will present you some information about shopping in Coimbra. Firstly, you should know that many interesting shops are located near the Old Cathedral, on the narrow streets. Once arrived here, you will definitely leave with something beautiful, books, clothes or just souvenirs about Portugal. Now let me present you some of the most interesting places in Coimbra:

Forum Coimbra

Shopping center Forum is located on the historic city of Coimbra, near Santa Clara, on the left side of the river. It is the biggest center of this type in Coimbra. This project includes a Carrefour hypermarket, 145 shops, 27 restaurants and a six-screen cinema. As you can see, here you can spend without a problem a whole day because you can eat, you can shop or you can relax by watching a movie. If you are a fashionable type, you should know that Zara, C&A or H&M have stores in this shopping center.

Livraria Bertrand

Library ©

If you like books or if you think they are a good idea for a gift then you must visit the library Livraria Bertrand. It is the best bookstore in Coimbra, including a great number of English editions. Also, Livraria Bertrand  is the best way to relax a bit after a day of sightseeing. Even if you don’t buy anything you can just read a book, listen to music or drink a cup of tea. The library is located in Upper Town, near Largo da Portagem.

Mercado Municipal Dom Pedro V

Let’s imagine that you don’t want to buy souvenirs or clothes and that you just want to eat something good and fresh. Then the municipal market Dom Pedro V is the right choice for you. It is a modern place, where you can buy all you need for your alimentation, like meat, milk or dairy products, fruits and vegetables. You can be sure of their quality because even self-caterers shop here.
Now that you’ve learned something about shopping in Coimbra, you should not have any objection  to coming to this city. You will have fun, you will go sightseeing or you will eat the best traditional   dishes. So, why so much thinking? Just come. For further information you can access

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