Shopping at Silver Coast’s

Leiria shopping sights, ©xiquinhosilva/Flickr

Shoppaholics this is your time! No matter if you are a part time shopper who just wants to buy some souvenirs for the family and mementos to remember a lovely holiday or a practiced one who always profits from a bargain when he or she catches one; the Silver Coast is definitely the place you need to be.

Here you will find charming old town districts and modern superstores, everything and anything you might be looking for. The high streets are crowded with shops and locals will be very helpful and will serve you well. Check out the traditional businesses of the Silver Coast towns and get some shopping done.

Diverse range

When you visit the old town areas you will find a vast number of shops that sell everything you might need and more. You can buy gentlemen’s outfits, shoes and books. Enter into traditional craft shops or find the electrical supplies you need. After a long and tiring day of walking about and shopping take some time off at a lovely and charming café where you can refresh yourself with a cup of coffee or other beverages. Then you can head to the market and shop some more.

Traditional craft shop in Leiria, ©xiquinhosilva/Flickr

Shopping centers

In the last years three major shopping centers and individual superstores have opened their doors which boosted shopping in the area. In the cities of Torres Vedras, Leiria and Caldas da Rainha many renowned national chain stores have opened new branches in these shopping centers. In Leiria the largest shopping center has 120 shops, several restaurants and seven multiplex cinemas. In Caldas da Rainha there are five cinemas, a dozen of restaurants and 60 shops. At the same time the shopping center in Torres Verdas’ also has cinemas, restaurants and about 90 shops.

Hawker at Caldas da Rainha, ©pedrosiomes7/Flickr


All major cities have one or more supermarkets where people go shopping and having fun. Continente hypermarket of Leiria and Arena of Torres Verdas are the two biggest shopping centers on the Silver Coast where you will find a limited range of foreign food products.

Opening hours    

Leiria shopping sights, ©xiquinhosilva/Flickr

Shop ‘till you drop, as they say. Here on the Silver Coast most generally shops open at 10 in the morning and close up at 1 in the evening which will leave you plenty of time to get whatever you need. Although you might want to take into consideration that on Sunday afternoons some of the shopping centers are closed. Regardless, get set and go shopping!

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