Portugal for budget travelers


If you are searching for a dream holiday but your budget is affected by the crisis period, then the best option is to make a list of the most affordable countries that are both accessible in terms of money and provide the perfect ingredients to enjoy yourself. Portugal for budget travelers is definitely a great option as you will later on see for yourself. So, start preparing your travel itinerary as if you were real guide and pay attention to the fallowing tips and tricks that might come in handy.

Cheap transportation

Being a member of the European Union, Portugal and its main cities are accessible from all the major international airports. Although the prices of the plain tickets might seem a bit stiff, the variety of low cost airlines that often present promotional offers for flights to Portugal represents an alternative to be taken into consideration. Just make sure you book the tickets in advance and try to avoid the most crowded periods of the year when the prices tend to go up. Once you reached Portugal, there are many traveling options that facilitate your visit in the country. The bus, tram or underground lines fallow the main attractions of the cities and can take you almost everywhere you desire. A cheaper way of getting to know Portugal is by bicycle or ever by foot. Also, if you are between 12 and 25 years old then, Cartao Jovem (Youth Card) is a real bargain. It offers discounts on public travel, museums, shops and Youth Hostels. It is also good to know that instead of buying underground cards (which can be used for outside Lisbon destinations) for every trip you take, it is best you recharge the one you already have, that way you will save enough money.

Accommodation for everyone

Depending on their location, closer to the center or to the main attractions in Portugal, an average hotel room (2 or 3 stars) can be booked at the price of 60 EUR per night. Cheaper alternatives are boarding houses, inns or hostels. For a complete overview on the hostel list you can check out portugalhostels.com, where more than 135 options are available for you. If you decide to visit the less cosmopolitan parts of Portugal or the country side area then be sure that pensions are a great place to spend a few days. You can have almost the same conditions as in a hotel at a lower price and in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

What to visit inPortugal

If you’re short on money then you should really make a plan on what to visit and what to leave for next time. As I already mentioned in a previous article, it would be a pity to miss on the Seven wonders of Portugal, a list of the most impressive and fascinating monuments in Portugal. You may want to consider buying Lisbon card that way you will have numerous advantages: from 50% discounts on the most important museums, palaces, castles or fortresses to bus, metro and tram tickets. A piece of advice: on Sundays till 2 PM most of the national museums and sights can be admired free of charge.


Do not forget also, that the most memorable adventures in Portugaltake place outside the museums and fortress, on the streets of our beautiful cities. So, grant yourself a few moments to stroll on the streets of Portugaland taste a bit of our culture, a bit of our life especially since it’s a perfect way of experiencing Portugal for budget travelers. 

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