Porto festivals and events

You cannot feel the taste of Porto wine without feeling the traditional Portuguese music and you cannot say you know Porto if you haven’t experienced the joy of taking part at the numerous festivals and events that define the cultural life of this city. Porto festivals and events does not pretend to be an exhaustive guide of the cultural activities in Porto but merely to bring forward some of the most notable entertainment events. I hope this post will stir your interest and determine you to discover them yourself.

Traditional festivals in Porto

People in Porto are extremely attached to their traditions, to their culture and popular music. Celebrating to the fullest the traditional festivals is a way to continue living the past and remembering their ancestors, their way of living and most of all their way of celebrating life. Without any doubt the most popular festival in Porto is Festa de Sao Joao or St. John’s Festival, which is celebrated on June 23rd and which includes all kind of activities, from street performance, musical parties, open air theatrical performances and of course fireworks displays. Carnival Festivals, celebrated from late February until early March, represent other great opportunities for Portuguese and tourists to have fun and escape the boring reality; and the people in Porto really know how to make the best out of that.  Most of them prepare handmade costumes and masks that reflect funny characters and even Portuguese personalities. Some of the manifestations are similar to those in Rio de Janeiro, with samba dancing and impressive parades.

2011 – 2012 events

Those who are fans of rock music will be pleased to find out that one of the most appreciated rock festivals in Portugal, Festival of Portuguese Rock (Noites Ritual Rock), annually takes place in Porto, in August. International Folk Festival represents another musical attraction in Porto, the organizers priding themselves with inviting a unique line-up of artists from all around the world. The festival opens its doors in July and expects thousands of visitors. Oporto International Film Festival, Fantasporto, tries to encourage young film makers to discover new ways of capturing and presenting their stories and especially “to promote films that seek new forms and methods of film making”. The 32nd edition of Fantasporto will take place from 20th February till 4th of March and will begin by paying its tribute to the legend of Portuguese movies, director-producer António-Pedro Vasconcelos.

Everybody appreciates good music and well organized events, regardless of the place where these are found, but if you decide to come to this wonderful city and participate at one of the numerous Porto festivals and events, I promise you it will be a life time experience that you would like to repeat more than once.

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