Outdoor activities on the Silver Coast

Obidos castle walk, ©pedrosimoes7/Flickr

Visit Portugal and have a blast! When you go on holiday on the Silver Coast it is guaranteed that you will not get bored. There are plenty of outdoor activities for the young and the restless or for those who would like to take a breath of fresh air while having a nice time of relaxation. There are several sports activities you can learn and practice here on the Silver Coast such as cycling, golfing, hiking, surfing and fishing. You can spend your time out on the waves or go and explore the countryside, the mountains or the many beautiful cities of the Silver Coast which are wealthy in culture and ancient history.

Work your calves

There are many cycle and pedestrian paths along the shores of Óbidos lagoon where you can go for a ride and release some energy. Anyone can hit this road no matter how old they are. The view is stunning and the way is easy, just follow the signposts.

Obidos lagoon, ©unileon/Flickr

Hyped hike

Are you looking for a challenge or just for some adventure? Go for a hike in the mountains on the Silver Coast. You can either choose to walk or take your bike with you. Visit Pragança and enjoy a lovely hike in the mountains where the scenery will not disappoint you. We suggest you also visit the Royal Ice Factory nearby which has an interesting history. Some beautiful places are hard to find and reach but if you are tough enough and have a lot of stamina you shall end up in the summit next to the ruins of an ancient monastery.

Obios castle walk, ©pedrosimoes7/Flickr

Other activities

If you would rather stay on dry land we recommend you take your lead towards the inlands and the countryside.You can attend organized activities or head out yourself and visit the vineyards, lagoons and explore the valleys at hand. You can go on cycling tours and hiking trips. Bikes and all the equipment you need can be hired at the shops. For true adrenaline seekers we suggest the mountain of Montejunto where activities step up on the extremes. From this location you can go hang-gliding, climbing, paragliding and rafting. There are courses for beginners and equipment for hire for experienced sportsmen.

Fishing on the Silver Coast

São Martinho do Porto, ©rucativava/Flickr

Since the place is surrounded by mile and miles of water the best thing you can do is to make use of it. Pick up your rod, a good book and start fishing. If you are lucky enough you might catch one or two rare species out of the 200 different kinds of fish that live in the waters along the shores of the Silver Coast. Catch your own clams near São Martinho do Porto.


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