Other attraction sights close to the city center of Evora

I guess it is obvious by now that Evora represents a jewel of the Portuguese history and culture. Its importance to the European civilization and culture was also recognized by UNESCO, declaring many of its monuments as part of the World Heritage Sites. I invite you to a journey in pursuit of other attraction sights close to the city center of Evora. Most of them date from the Roman and Medieval times, the authorities striving to preserve these edifices in an appropriate shape so that tourists could continue to visit them.

Água de Prata Aqueduct

Aqueduct of Silver Water or Agua de Prata Aqueduct will catch your eye the moment you enter the city as its magnificent arches are approximately 9 km long. Though built at the order of King João III for practical purposes, supplying the city with water, it was Francisco de Arruda, the famous architect of Portugal (who also built Belem Tower) that designed the aqueduct. And how impressive is this piece of art! On the end side of this 500 years old aqueduct, houses, shops and cafes were built, where tourists can rest for a bit. If you are looking for photo opportunity near this magnificent monument, walk towards the north of the city, where you will have the best view of the Aqueduct of Silver Water.

Roman Temple of Evora

The Roman Temple of Evora or the Temple of Diana (the Roman Goddess of the Moon, the Hunt and Chastity) was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and it represents one of the most known and admired icons of Evora. Apparently, the temple was built in the 1st century AC in honor of Emperor Augustus but, unfortunately a few centuries later, great part of it was destroyed during the invasion of Germanic peoples. Tourists can still admire the 15 meters high columns made of granite rocks as there are still 14 Corinthian stone columns standing in the north part of the temple. This is without any doubt the tourists’ favorite place for taking pictures. If you have seen the Roman Temple of Evora then it would be a pity not to pass by the medieval Sao Joao Evangelista church. Close to the temple, one can discover a garden, the ideal spot to catch your breath and relax after a busy day.

I hope Other attraction sights close to the city center of Evora managed to stir your interest in discovering all the beauties and important monuments that this city is proud to display to its tourists!

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